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Leasing Our Toll Roads? 11 January, 2007

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I tend to be skeptical of anything in Mother Jones. I like to be open minded on privatization while they think capitalism is evil. I think socialism is evil.

It chokes me to say the article is thought provoking. Even worse, the more I research this issue since it was brought to my attention, the more problems I find with the structure of some of these deals. It seems less about privatization and more about special interest politics at the expense of the public interest.

I have come to the conclusion that we need to not only beware but oppose the leasing of RT. 1.

It is creating a monopoly with taxing authority. It has no free market mechanism and little government limitation of toll levels. This is mind boggling. The projected toll increases are staggering.

We would be better off just doubling the tolls and keeping the money in tax coffers. I am not advocating that approach (less I am mischaracterized). At least we would have the power to lower the tolls again when the so called crisis is over. This approach gives away our control over the level of the tolls and gives us back less of the money. It is a short term cash infusion that gives up long term revenue.
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I guess the money was better spent on private interests on the Wilmington Riverfront and buying up huge tracks of land including a Smyrna golf course, instead of building the public roads.

If we give the same people with the same policies more money, will we get different results?

It is taxation without representation.  Contact your state senator and representative today.  The contact link for the General Assembly is to your right. <!–[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]–>

Please sign this petition to our Governor.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/833002351 

David Anderson


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