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Earmark Opponent is a Bad Boy according to GOP Leader 13 January, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in federal.

Rep. Flake who is famous for his crusade for budget reform was not rewarded for his efforts. He was removed from his judiciary committee assignment for bad behavior (embarrassing the leadership on a 60 minutes interview). Considering that he won his reelection overwhelmingly, you would think they would be taking advantage of his credibility and appoint him to appropriations. Could it be some of the GOP still doesn’t get it?



1. Mike Protack - 15 January, 2007


Since when does principle override politics?

I met Mr. Flake and he had great intentions but the GOP leadership is not really committed to reducing or simplifying taxes. They are better than the Dems but that is not saying much.

Mike Protack

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