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State of the State pt 1. 21 January, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in State.

Governor Minner presented her view of the affairs of the state of Delaware.  She gave us some encouraging words such as the fact that the 2.7 billion dollar shortfall in DelDOT’s budget over the next six years is not the real number.  1.5 billion is more realistic, she claimed.  She credited the stewardship of Secretary Wicks for part of difference(the actual 2.7 Billion figure was a worst case scenario and never the likely actual number).  That indeed is good news for Delaware taxpayers.  If Ms. Wicks is indeed such a good manager it is a shame she was not chosen first.

The bad news seems to be waiting for the budget address.  Unlike the State of the State which seemed to have endless room for expanding programs with only the evil smokers paying through the nose (humor alert), she hinted that she would present “further details of our plan to contain costs, maximize our federal dollars and add revenues to the Trust Fund”. 

I always get nervous when politicians hint at adding revenues.  It bears watching.  Hopefully the plan will lean more heavily to containing costs and only adding revenue from our pockets as absolutely necessary.


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