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Governor Minner issues budget proposal. High on taxes low on structural reform. 26 January, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Action Item, State.


 No toll road leasing and no change for DelDot operating structure.  The governor tried to steer clear of both issues and go for tried and true tax and spend policies.  We are sadden that she did not close the door for leasing our roads and did not open it for reforming the transportation trust fund budget.

 Delaware needs to stop using the transportation fund as free money to expand the bureaucracy at DelDOT, buying land not used for roads, and building buildings. 

Our transportation infrastructure needs an overview.  Should we expand the rails or the roads?  We need to review our way of doing business before tax and fee increases.  Why double Rt. 1 and not spread some of the toll increase over I-95.  You could have just 50 cents on each; this is a tax on the working people who commute up north. 

Why increase the vehicle documentation fee?  We should encourage people to buy newer, less polluting cars.  If someone holds one to an old car one extra year it can pollute at a rate equal to 15 new cars that year. 

We need consistent, smart policies.  This governor seems incapable of true problem solving.  At least she did not make any huge blunders.  She seemed to avoid the issue of leasing the toll roads.  Let’s put this one to rest once and for all.  Please sign our new petition to save our toll roads.



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