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STOP Launches Petition Against Toll Road Lease Proposal 27 January, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Action Item, State.


STOP has come to the conclusion that we need to not only beware but oppose the leasing of RT. 1 and I-95.  We are launching a citizen awareness effort to stop this proposal cold.  It is the ultimate short term fix with long term consequences.

It is creating a monopoly with taxing authority. It has no free market mechanism and little government limitation of toll levels. This is mind boggling. The projected toll increases are staggering.

This proposal would surrender our rights over the money from these roadways for 75 or more years for a one time payment. 



1. John Coombs - 11 February, 2007

This is yet another sneaky tax on top of the extortionate amounts we already pay.

2. jim maddison - 12 February, 2007

yet another steath tax to hit the working class. It’s about time these people in power realised that it’s us the workers who have put them where they are and by poll we can just as easy put them out . Unfortunately we cannot remove the money that they’ve creamed off. no to road tax

3. john hall - 13 February, 2007

The people of this country are taxed to the hilt,no more taxes and no to the road toll and congestion charges.

4. Guy Richards - 13 February, 2007

The reason the Government is proposing road toll goes far deeper than most people think. The Government have allowed Immigrants into Britain in such numbers and are overwelmed by the costs these people have caused. The majority of these immigrants are thieves, people who drain the countries resources, by taking benefit money which they are not entitled to, and using the National health, which again they have put nothing into. We end up paying for their crimes in increased insurance or worse still keeping them fed in prison at £1000 per week.
My answer is tighter border control and punishment of lifetime banishment from Britain, return illegal immigrants to the place they came from.
Return assylum seekers immediately. There are no genuine assylum seekers coming to Britain, they have passed through at least three non hostile contries to get to Britain.

Make the following things a requirement to enter Britain !
academic qualifications
Ability to speak fluent English
A job to go to, Home to go to

Revoke all British passports held by people in countries with independence
(such as India)
Stop allowing foreigners to go back to their own country marrying and bringing their new partners here.
Refuse access to Benefits or National Health
Refuse Aids sufferers and people with HIV or life threatening illness

The result of these measures would mean less crime, less people in prison a safer Britain.
Less people in Britain means less people on Britains roads.

Further measures to reduce numbers on the British roads could be implemented by taxing foreigners on entry into Britain.
Confiscating both cars and licences of people driving without insurance, mot or car tax.

You might say this is a very radical view,
I say that if the Government allows these foreigners to come in, there will be trouble (Quote Enoch Powell)
You only have to listen to the Muslims, who are threatening to kill anyone who does not believe in their religion. And have proved their intent by blowing British people up. Deport all these ungratefull bastards, we didn’t ask them to come here and we don’t want them here. Britain was a nice place when I was a child, all that changed when the Government allowed different lots of foreigners in. For example Ugandan Asians, theres no trouble there now send them back.

Get us out of Europe now, before Asia , Africa and India become part of the E.E.C .

I will be voting B.N.P at the next ellection, not because i am racist but because i am sick of the Governments poor treatment of the indigenous species of Britain, and the open door policy to any disease ridden, scrounging, thieving trouble making foreigner that comes along.

I am proud to put my name to this piece of realist accurate text.
Give me a Britain like it use to be so that I can be proud to say I’m English and British. At present i am disgusted by the way the system operates.
Yours faithfully Guy Richards

5. Melvyn Eason - 13 February, 2007

this is legalised theft by the government

6. a j steedman - 21 February, 2007

This country is going downhill fast, don’t let the most corrupt government we have ever had get away with it. All they want our money for is to pay for their incompetance. They have shown total diregard for the working class for far to long and this is another scheme that will hit us the hardest. If they were really concerned with congestion and the green issue they would put certain improvements in place first like:- improving public services and by cutting bus and train fares by at least a half, but I have got more chance of flying than them doing this. The problem with this this country is that we have become a welfare state, we have got enough of our own scroungers without dishing money out to all the chancers that are now flooding over here.

7. andrew pratt - 21 February, 2007

The divide for those that work hard for what they’ve got and for thos e who get given it all for nothing is getting bigger, all this goverment want is more of our hard earned money, why dont they have a cut in wages and pay their own congestion charge and well see how much they want to higher taxes

8. julie pratt - 21 February, 2007

How much more do they want to take off us, they received a free university education but they not only want to tax us to the hilt they want our children to come out of Uni after working hard, being taxed in jobs that they have to take to live and then as soon as they work hard to get a job they want to tax them even before they’ve started. More people will leave this country for a better life in countries that have respect for human beings and not just tax them to the hilt.

9. Ben pratt - 21 February, 2007

More taxes, ive only just started work and feel that evrything is out of my reach, wot a goverment

10. stoptaxing - 25 February, 2007

Couldn’t agree more.

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