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McCain gives hope to FAIR Tax advocates. 25 February, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in federal.

McCain also gave hope to a group of Fair Tax Act supporters, who want to replace federal income and payroll taxes with a national sales tax. He said former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan needs to head a commission to study a “drastic simplification of our tax code.”

He also blasted government spending, saying he believes it played a role in Democrats taking away the Republican majority during the November elections.

“The Republican base was alienated because of the spending spree we went on over the last six years,” McCain said, drawing applause.

see link for full story http://www.beaufortgazette.com/local_news/story/6377031p-5688248c.html



1. Mark Curran - 26 February, 2008

Yes stop overtaxing WORKERS — EARNED INCOME.

You folks are right — ordinary income, ordinary people are horribly overtaxed. But the fairtax is a farce and would be a disaster. Please see my post on that elsewhere.

Im all for making the tax code fair, short, simple, easy to comply with. If Fairtax weren’t a total farce, I would be for it. I was for it for about the time it took to read the Fairtax book, wherein I learned it was snake oil farce.

Lets quit screwing work and ordinary income with high taxes. Lets just treat all income types the same — thats 80% of the problem right there. We have low or no taxes on some types of income, but we punish ordinary income — work, small business.

We have been fooled by the con artist who make up slippery BS nonsense about not taxing dividends and cap gains.

Just tax all income types the same. Let the market work.

Right now, if you work your behind off running a small business, and make 100,000 dollars — you could pay 40,000 in taxes, plus ANOTHER 40,000 in taxes for your workers. And you take risks every day operating your business, borrowing the money, ect.

But I make 100,000 in profit in capital gains that could come from selling my company to Mexico – and I pay 1/8 of the taxes the guy does that works his assp off running a small business.

Until you correct that nonsense, until you realize thats not just unfair, its damaging to our economy — then don’t pretend you know anything about the economy. You just know slogans the hucksters have shoved down your neck.

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