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Local School tax referendum analysis 8 March, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Local.

Capital passed it 58% to 42% http://wboc.com/Global/story.asp?S=6193078 .

Do the recent passage of referendums mean voters were concerned about taxes this year and not so much concerned this year?  No , it may just mean that the anti-growth protest is abating slightly.  The fact is the last three in CR, Smyrna, and Capital school districts were clearly needed.  Costs of continual delay would only increase the burden for taxpayers.

The people understand this.  This is why the people can be trusted and the referendum process should be expanded.  We will keep government growth under control, but not be unreasonable when a real need exists.  The opponents of referendum have claimed the process is unwieldy and should be  abolished.   They want to remove any check and balance from the process.  In other words they don’t care if you can balance your checkbook as long as they get the higher tax check.

Here is what the establishment thinks.  You are too dumb to know what is good for your community anyway.  That is why they run campaigns so dumbed down that you can’t learn anything.  They talk about everything but the real issues.  Personal attacks and gottcha games have replaced dealing with the problems which matter in our lives.  Mudslinging and “I am concerned about education, jobs, and growth” passes for vision.  They give no real solutions–just concerns.  Why?  Their main solution is just spend more money.  That is why we have become frustrated with these requests for more.  We know that fundamental restructuring is needed or else we just pay more for the same mess.

Here is what we think.  We the people need to establish forums which establish priorities for spending.  We need to find solutions which work for the perplexing problems and adapt them locally.  We need a paradigm shift in our thinking.  Government is a tool in solving our problems not the solution.  Our solutions must enhance the sovereignty of the individual thereby utilizing the strength of the diversity of our nation.  We need governments, churches, businesses, community organizations, labor, and families aligned to grapple with the great problems of our day.



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