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Let the sun shine in. 13 March, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Action Item, State, Taxpayer rights.


There is new hope for the open government bills.  As the public starts to pay more attention to these bills, Democrats and recalcitrant Republicans are feeling the heat.  The government belongs to the people, yet we are excluded from the budget process when the key decisions are being made.

There are inadequate shelters, but we can buy golf courses.  We can’t fund school expansion, but we can give private interests money at the waterfront.  We can’t build roads, but we can buy thousands upon thousands of acres of open land with highway money.   We can’t fund child health care, but we can buy homes in flood plains.  We need to change the way this state operates. This is only a start, but start we must.

Contact your State officials (link in state ) and support these bills.  Esp. the two I am listing.  The third bill mentioned goes as far as to open the caucuses which is unnecessary and unlikely to pass.  Oddly enough the article fails to mention HB 4 which kicked this off, it will come up this week.  HB 70 is really just the Democrat version of HB 4.  Whichever version passes is an improvement.  Excerpt  from Newszap follows.

House Bill 60, sponsored by Rep. RobValihuraalihura Jr., R-Wilmington, would require legislative committees to follow FOIA for meetings.

The bill is co-sponsored by all three Republican leaders in the GOP-led House and other Republican members.

House Bill 70, sponsored by House Minority Leader Rep. Robert F. Gilligan, D-Wilmington, would open the General Assembly – except caucuses – to all FOIA requirements



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