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Presidential Bidding War is on! 2 April, 2007

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Record dollar amounts were raised in the first quarter of 2007 for next years Presidential contest.  The insane moving of the primaries to February is turning this election over to the rich and powerful.  The question is will the Presidency be sold to the highest bidder or will the taxpayers win out?  Remember past experience has shown us that money is important, but it is not the determiner.  Votes still rule.

What I find most intriguing is the surprising strength of Mitt Romney and John Edwards.  Gov Romney is the money front runner of the GOP.  Those who have written him off because of Gulliani’s early poll lead should think whatever happened to President Elizabeth Dole.  (She led at this time in 1999.)  Senator Hillary Clinton has shown why she is the Democratic front runner by smashing all records and leading both parties in fund-raising.  Senator Obama just got in in February so the next quarter will tell us more about his strength in the money chase.  Early indications are that he is in to play.

So who will take the mantle as the taxpayer’s candidate?  Who will stand with the people?



1. JLA - 6 April, 2007

I think later entrants like Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson may become major players with the public. The public is hungry for someone who will take up the people’s mantle.

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