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A State of Searching for Money 15 April, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in State.

Article after article in the local papers chronicle the state’s search for money.  Should we raise the cigarrette tax, the gas tax, tolls, the auto documentation fee, and allow sports betting.  We are constantly pillaried with the notion that we are not paying enough for our state to operate.  We are warned that the growth of revenue is slowing. This is treated as some sort of crisis. 

Let’s offer an alternative point of view.  State revenue is likely to increase at a level equal to inflation and population or greater.  That is not a problem.  The problem is that we have mismanaged state finances.  Why have the local papers not placed more of a focus on the managament of state finances?

The Transportation Trust fund has long been a fund in which taxpayers should not place their trust.  Our money was suppose to pay for transportation projects and not administration.  It certainly was not to pay for land in an open space program which would have been better funded with private money through a transfer of development rights program (TDR).  It was not to be a development fund for the Wilmington Riverfront.  Even worse they say they do not have money yet they push an expensive SR1 connector on to south Dover even though few want it.

They say they do not have money to fund school construction.  Yet it is state mandated full day kidnergarten which contributed to much of the need for construction.

They give free tuition at Del Tech, but do not fund Del Tech properly.  The idea of the seed program is good, but the follow through is at best a c -. 

The state bought out entire neighborhoods that were flooded, but can’t fund a modest amount of $50,000 for a foreclosure stabilization fund.  This type of program would protect our tax base and help keep families from homelessness which saves social service money.  They spend that on a trip.

We need a new kind of leadership in this state.  We need someone who will level with the people and present a real plan of action which starts with making the state government accountable to us before seeking more money.

David Anderson



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