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Markell vs. Castle? 19 April, 2007

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Rumors are flying in the first state that potential rivals Jack Markell (state treasurer) and John Carney (Lt. Gov.)  have reached an understanding.  The party would back Jack for Congress vs. The Castle and the Lt. Governor would advance to Boardwalk (though the card may yet be dealt to Sen. Copeland or Mr. Protack). 

This would be good for Republicans because Mr. Markell would be tougher to hang the Minner baggage around.  It would be bad for Mr. Markell because he is better suited for an executive, he has shown no particular passion for national issues (or at least a grasp for real solutions), and Mr. Castle would actually campaign.  The Democrat party does not have Mr. Markell’s interest at heart.  He would be wise to stick with his plan.

Mr. Markell did a great job making Delaware run more like a business which values its customers even from an obscure office.  The adoption of his plan saved us some money through better purchasing management on top of better service.  It seems like he has done all he can where he is at and is bored.  I sort of remember him criticizing his predecessor on the same grounds.



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