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McCain and Gilmore compete for Small Government Mantle; Richardson hope for Dems. 30 April, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Election 2008, federal.

Announcing on the same day, Senator John McCain and Governor James Gilmore jostled for the mantle of limited government.  Senator McCain proclaimed overspending as one of the reasons Republicans lost.  He declared that he wanted to reform government, win the war on Islamofacism, and bring back integrity to government. 

 Governor Gilmore declared himself as the only true conservative in the race (surely news to Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Tom Tancredo, Rep. Duncan Hunter, and the former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee who is running on a truly pro-family and pro-taxpayer platform).  The Governor tauted his record as a tax cutter in Virginia and noted that he is not an election campaign convert to conservative principles like the so called first tier candidates are alleged to be.


We need a discussion favoring the taxpayer.  That did not happen in the Democrat Presidential debate in spite of Governor Richardson’s admirable record.  Why Governor Richardson did not key in on his ability to win independent and even Republican votes because of his record as a tax cutter and social moderate is a mystery.  He is the best hope for the Democrats, but he has bought into the traditional wisdom that to win the primary you have to appear like a warmed over socialist.  Senator Clinton is not buying into that pattern even though her record does not match any moderate image.  She is positioning herself to stand out from a crowded field. 

Let’s hope for the sake of the taxpayer we have a debate in both parties over taxation, economic growth, and wise government spending.  Governor Bill Richardson has the credentials to do just that.  Let’s hope he has the will.



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