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Gop Presidential Contenders Debate, War, Taxes, and Social Policy 3 May, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Election 2008, federal.

Governor Mike Huckabee and Rep. Tom Tancredo may have launched the most significant shift in the tax debate.  Stop tinkering and abolish the IRS.  Replace the current broken tax code with the FAIR tax.  John McCain wants a flater, fairer tax but won’t say what it is.  Rep. Ron Paul wants to eliminate the income tax and restore Constitutional government.  Rep. Duncan Hunter leaned toward tax reform.

Governor Gilmore just talked about the VA car tax.  Governor Romney wanted to eliminate the AMT (alternative minimum tax).  Gov. Giulianii wanted to abolish the death tax and keep the level of the Bush cuts. 

On Abortion and Life issues, Gilmore and especially Giuliani were out of step with the party’s position protecting life from conception through natural death.

On immigration there is a definite divide.  Hunter and Tancredo are hardliners.  McCain, Brownbeck not so much.  The other candidates seem to take positions in between.

The war is supported by all but Rep. Ron Paul though most seem to think mistakes were made with Senator McCain saying the clearest it was mismanaged and Sen. Brownbeck being the only one to outline a new course–the 3 state federal solution.

Go to http://www.politics.msnbc.com


Ratings on MSNBC will show positive gains for Gov. Huckabee, Gov. Romney, and Rep. Ron Paul.  The Mayor seems to have lost ground. Senator McCain may do better when the sound bites go out. We tend to agree.  The winner of this debate is really the one who set himself up for the future.  Gov. Romney looks to be the short term winner, but Gov. Huckabee’s credible and bold positions on a variety of issues seem to make him the long term winner as well as a short term gainer.



1. Perry Hood - 4 May, 2007

“On Abortion and Life issues, Gilmore and especially Giuliani were out of step with the party’s position protecting life from conception through natural death.”

This is a misstatement, a half-truth at best. Except for Ron Paul, all the candidates expressed themselves as pro-war. This is certainly not protecting life through “natural death”, a major dichotomy in the GOP pro-life pronouncements which actually are not pro-life. Moreover, the statements of most candidates on stem cell research indicates to me that few of them really understand the medical science behind this issue. Thus the overall message given in the debate was confusing, to say the least.

Thus, this issue will likely continue to be a major negative for the GOP as the nation approaches the 2008 election.

As far as taxes are concerned, the problem we have is that taxes under the Bush administration have tilted sharply in favor of the wealthy. McCain’s idea of a flatter tax may correct this as long as there is some sort of a correction for the lower income segments who are being hurt badly by the payroll tax which rarely gets addressed in discussions on tax policy.

2. stoptaxing - 6 May, 2007

Thank you for your interesting and well crafted comments. You add value to this forum everytime.

We will agree to disagree on the life issue, but I would like to focus on your tax comments.

I think you are very perceptive that a flatter and less progressive tax system will in practice be better for lower income people if done correctly. The payroll tax as constituted is regressive and so is the gas tax and most excise taxes. That is also part of the value of the fair tax. A couple of us will do a series on the fair tax soon.

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