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Romney surges after recent debates; Huckabee emerging; and Richardson gets boost. 19 May, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Election 2008, federal.


Romney has taken the lead in the key early states.  See Firststatepolitics blog link.  He has a slight lead in Iowa and a sizable one in New Hampshire and Michigan.  He has a record of success most people don’t even know yet.  He has tremendous upside potential when he starts spending some of that 100 million dollars he raises.  The recent supportive statements by Dr. James Dobson could prove just as valuable if that turns into an endorsement.  Giuliani has proven the gravity of issues pulls down even icons and celebrities. He is not only losing nationally but has fallen to third in NH and Iowa.  Like John Kerry in ’04, the mayor looks good on paper, but he has serious flaws which would likely jeopardize his victory in 08. 

Huckabee is a winner.  The question is can he win among winners?  He started early by any standard, but his better known rivals started even earlier and swamped him in fundraising.  Right now he is about were Carter and Clinton were.  Reagan in 1975 was not leading in any polls.  Huckabee has emerged as one of the serious candidates based upon issues such as the FAIR tax and Life issue and a stellar demeanor.  He has picked up ground in Iowa and a powerful machine in South Carolina.  Will he break into the top tier?  It is up to the people.

On the Democrat side, tax cutter Governor Bill Richardson has moved up to a solid 4th in Iowa according to Zogby (same poll sited above for Romney).  If one of the big three fades, Richardson could get a second look.



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