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School tax hike efforts fizzle 19 May, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Local, State.

Recent school referendum failures in Red Clay and Brandywine show the tax issue is not a lower Delaware concern.  It has become a real concern across the state. 

Utility rate increases, energy costs, and the proposed sock-the-working man tax package proposed by Minner- Carney are rocking the quality of life.   The state is suffering from 4 years of financial neglect.  The bill is coming due. 

The size of Red Clay’s defeat may also have to due with a crisis of management as the public perceives it.



1. Alan Coffey - 20 May, 2007

Perhaps it is time for ALL state spending to go the way of the referendum. Let’s see how much government we are willing to pay for when we actually have a choice.

Or maybe the State should get out of the business of RUNNING schools and simply pay each parent to put their child in the school of their choice. I think Kilroy quoted a figure of around $11k per child in Delaware. I bet we could get it done for that. And if you wanted to kick in your own cash, you could go to whatever school you wanted. No fighting over curricula, no fighting over discipline, just education.

2. David Anderson - 20 May, 2007

But it is control they really want. The children are just pawns.

You care about your children; that is why true school choice would be the best school reform. You are completely right.

3. Alan Coffey - 22 May, 2007

And nobody should be surprised that school districts spend more every year. All incentives encourage it.
See http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/2007/05/22/new-study-school-districts-spend-as-much-as-they-can/

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