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STOP launches petition drive to halt tax hike on working families! 24 May, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Action Item, State, Taxpayer rights.

The Minner-Carney Administrations push for a new tax hike on working families must be countered.   They have no proposals for reforms so they will continue to squander our money and raid the trust funds for their pet pork barrel projects.  Spending has increased 81% under this administration and now the bill is due.  The only way to fix it is to set priorities not raid the taxpayer for more money.  That is like giving an addict more to get over his cravings.

The best way is to let the people weigh in.  The proposed tax hikes amount to a tax on getting to work.  Gas tax, DMV hikes, doubling Tolls, and increasing fees on car purchases all impact working families the hardest. 

If they do not hear from us, rest assured what happenned in New Castle County will happen to the state.

Sign this petition.  Get your friends to sign this petition.    It may be the best investment you make today.



1. The Digital Federalist » Blog Archive » More proof of the failure of Minnernomics. - 24 May, 2007

[…] Stop over Taxing Our People said it better than I could. The tax increase proposals by the Minner administration are no substitute for good policy. Here is a link to the petition to stop the tax increases on working Delawareans; […]

2. Duffy - 30 May, 2007

This makes no sense. All of the measures above are “green” measures. They’ll change people’s behavior by encouraging carpooling and use of public transportation. How do you square that circle?

3. David Anderson - 30 May, 2007

Down state we have no efficient public transportation. Besides these will not have a green effect. If you double the tolls, local people will travel local free roads which will have stop lights and will cause more stop and start driving. This causes more pollution and less fuel economy. New cars are more efficient as a group than older ones and less polluting. Discouraging new car purchases esp. “greener” car purchases is the opposite of good policy.

Thanks for your input.

4. Norma Stevens - 2 October, 2009

I am not for Big Government. I am for oil independence. I want a balance, cut and save. I am against tax hike.

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