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We’ve launched!! come back tonight for PDF petitions. 30 May, 2007

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Thanks everyone.  Here is the press release.



For Immediate Release




Delaware blogging community is taking the lead in bring the average citizen into the budget and taxation process.  Stoptaxing.wordpress.com, firststatepolitics.wordpress.com, and the digital federalist have joined to spearhead an effort to bring average citizens into the state budget process. 
STOP has launched a petition drive to ask the Co-Chairs of the Delaware General Assembly Joint Finance Committee to avoid raising the Gas Tax, doubling tolls, 50% jump in registration fees, tripling driver’s licenses fees, and a 63% jump in the fee to buy a car (documentation fee).  These are all taxes on working families. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/950061677 The FY 2008 budget gives us the largest  tax increases in over 30 years. http://www.legis.state.de.us/LIS/lis144.nsf/2bede841c6272c888025698400433a04/54ddb16c25da7fe88525726e006f1faf?OpenDocument&Highlight=0,revenue  .Despite a quiet preliminary kickoff during a holiday weekend, the effort has started off a success which will give a great boost to the public kickoff Wednesday May 30, 2007. You may ask why we are concerned. In our view the Minner-Carney administration has issued a warrant for the wallets of working families.  They want to tax our commute (eliminate ez-pass discounts and double the tolls on SR1 and I95) add a nickel to the price of gas, and hundreds of dollars to the price of a car.  Why, because they wasted our money over the last few years.  Now the trust fund is broke.  The Operating budget has nearly doubled (81%) since they took office.The group will form a coalition and present hundreds of signatures to the joint finance committee in late June.



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