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Update HB 253 passes senate 27 June, 2007

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The state senate passed the fee hikes minus gas tax by a vote of 15 to 5.  The cig. tax seemed to bog down.  The ciggarette tax passed by 1 vote.

Good job all.  We made this an issue and saved some money.  Now can we get some spending reform?

HB 253 fee hikes pass house; now to the senate 27 June, 2007

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In half full situation, you and other taxpayers have helped drop some of the tax hikes.  The gas tax and toll hikes are out. The job is not done unfortunately we have no spending reform to match the reach into our wallets.  It is time to contact your state senator and stop HB253 until there is a deal on spending reform or let it die.

This would be a good time for the often forgotten senate GOP to find its voice.  It is a group in search of identity.  Government reform for the taxpayers would be a worthy one.

Text from the Bill

This Bill increases several revenue sources for the Transportation Trust Fund. The motor vehicle document fee is increased from 2.75% to 3.25%, effective October 1, 2007, and increases again to 3.75% on October 1, 2008. The basic motor vehicle registration fee is raised from $20 to $40, effective October 1, 2007, and the related registration fees for other vehicles are also increased. Motor vehicle title fees are raised from $15 to $25. Driver’s license fees are raised from $12.50 to $25, and the fee for identification cards issued by DMV is raised from $5 to $20. In addition, permanent driver’s licenses will no longer be issued, except for renewals of those now issued, with an accompanying renewal fee increase. The Bill also includes some provisions for transitioning the DMV’s computer systems to handle these changes.

Compromise a dance with the Devil. 25 June, 2007

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The recent compromise in the general assembly seems to be long on fee and tax hikes and short changing us on spending reform.  I am not surprised the Minner-Carney administration is trying to cover its profligate spending so that they can get a promotion for the Lt. Governor.  Our money has been wasted.  Revenues have been stellar the past several years, yet we find our state in a revenue short fall.  The problem is a negligent General Assembly.  There is something wrong.  The question is who will tell the people? 


The problem is not that we have been undertaxed. We have run the transportation trust fund into the ground by raiding road money for administrative salaries.  We have made tens of millions in unnecessary land purchases such as the $5,000,000 Garrison’s Lake Golf Course.  We spent more tens of millions on the pork barrel raid by Sec. Hayward during his final hours as transportation chief.  We keep the old Saint George’s Bridge when the Army Corp of Engineers was going to destroy it for us since they built us a nice new bridge right next to it–another $40,000,000.  We build the SR1 Dover SR8 connector so travelers could enter center city Dover from Route 1 at the behest of downtown merchants.  We built a south one that goes to south Dover and not just the Air Base.  Great! So why are we trying to spend millions more on one residents oppose which is less than one mile from the south Dover one?

In the mean time the SR1 Indian River bridge is falling apart, literally (safety flags are being raised).  This bridge is vital for our tourism industry.  What type of priority management is that?

We need to demand reform.  One of the few advocating such reform is our Senator Colin Bonini.  He has been a leader defending taxpayers when it seemed unnecessary.  He was a Churchillian voice on the coming budget crisis.  He alone stood against the fleecing of the taxpayers, we need to support him (maybe promote him to Lt. Gov.) and the others who are now standing up against this compromise.  If we don’t, we will pay for it every time we go to work or school.

Sign the STOP petition today!!

The petition is located at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/950061677 or https://stoptaxing.wordpress.com/

State Budget Writers lean toward tax hikes. 21 June, 2007

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The news is not good (click newszap or delawareonline link to the right).  We have yet to know the details of the compromise, but it leans light on reform and heavy on taxes.  We need to act now.  If you haven’t signed, do so now.    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/950061677 

My guest opinion in the Delaware State News is going help put heat on.   We need a counter weight to the pressures to raise taxes.  Get me your petitions ASAP.


See Jack Markell for your self. 9 June, 2007

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add a comment  I love the fact that Jack Markell understands the markets.  He is a smart capable leader and brings a message of doing more with the resources we have not raising taxes.   We have always said we need a taxpayer advocacy in both major parties.  Will he take up that mantle?  Let’s see how The Honorable J. Markell shapes up in a longer campaign.  So far all of his proposals expand government, not liberty. 

Mr. Markell may be saving his proposals for when people pay attention.  Right now only Mr. Protack has detailed real solutions for the many real challenges facing our state.  Of course Mr. Protack is building a movement not just a campaign so a different strategy is necessary. (Follow a better deal link in the right column.)

We encourage everyone to listen to all of the candidates but also tell them what is important to us.  We assume our political leaders understand our problems, then we can’t understand why they seem so out of touch.  “You have not because you ask not”, as the the proverb enjoins us.

6 paper ad campaign launched 9 June, 2007

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Taking it to the people.  STOP has launched an ad campaign in 6 Community papers to raise awareness of our anti-tax hike petition.  We encourage spontaneous letters to the editor as well.  Keep up the good work.  It seems the ground game has exceeded the on-line petition that is great.  Come on blogoshere.  You can do it.  Pass on the petition to with a link to https://stoptaxing.wordpress.com/stop-the-minner-carney-tax-hike-on-working-families/ for the hard to motivate.

Jack looks for backers. 6 June, 2007

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Top Democrats were unable to persuade him.  Jack Markel has made his bid for Governor official.  Nothing wrong with the people having a choice.  There is a primary shaping up on the GOP side as well.  Let’s move the primary to July or early June.  Then the party elders(of both major parties) will have less of a  point about primaries being devisive.

The spark has turned into to a flame. 6 June, 2007

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The Petition has gone real world in a big way.  Volunteers in different parts of the state are taking it to the streets.  This non-partisan effort has taken a new twist tonight.  Kent County Republicans allowed me to make a pitch tonight.  I needed less than 2 minutes to lay out a simple case and close to 20 people took petitions to circulate in response and most of the rest signed.  Using natural alliances makes sense. It can be used to make the effort seem partisan, but the danger for us is in not being bold.  The GOP needs to regain a sense of identity at the grassroots level of being the low tax, people’s party.  It is their best interest to join the cause. Hopefully, the elected officials will join the people’s cause.

House Democrat leader announced Tuesday that the Gas tax is dead.  He said he is voting against it.  Maybe there is hope for Minner/Carney’s party as well.  Unfortunately, his statement leaves on the table all of the other taxes and fee hikes.  The way the system operates, the senate could stick the tax hike in during JFC negotiations and we would not know unless it leaked.  Which is why we all need to support firststatepolitics open government petition.  Click the blogroll for it and go to the petition page.  Of course if you have not signed ours http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/950061677 

We are on the verge of victory if we don’t let off the pressure.  Let’s go for it.  Thanks everyone.

I think we need letters to the editor and a couple of small but well placed classified ads. 

There is a 209 million dollar surprise around the corner 2 June, 2007

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 The state of Delaware, like most governments has been underfunding its future employee benefits according to S&P by a tune of $209,000,000.  (to understand the issue follow this link http://www.gasb.org/project_pages/opeb_summary.pdf )  The government accounting standards board has a new rule to pressure governments to give an honest accounting as has been done with the private sector.  Taxpayers should know what they are on the hook for.  We support honest accounting; GASB statement 45 is a start.


An Update to HB 4–the open government act. 2 June, 2007

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http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/679580360  Our friends at Firststatepolitics are still pushing to win open government.  They are fresh off a house victory and now need your help again for the senate.  This goes hand and hand with our joint effort to STOP wasteful government and over taxation.  Why?  This bill would allow the public and members of the General Assembly not on the JFC to know what is in the budget. 

Right now they don’t even see it until right before the vote.  That makes it easy to load up the budget as has been happening over the last 14 years.  Many responsible legislatures would hold their nose and vote for the budget because it was too late to change it without shutting down the government.  You see it is delivered just hours before the end of the financial year.  To vote it down would require one to have an alternative plan ready.  The result is not only is the public shut out of the process, but so our most of our elected officials!

Change is nearly here.  Let’s make it happen.