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The spark has turned into to a flame. 6 June, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Action Item, State, Taxpayer rights.

The Petition has gone real world in a big way.  Volunteers in different parts of the state are taking it to the streets.  This non-partisan effort has taken a new twist tonight.  Kent County Republicans allowed me to make a pitch tonight.  I needed less than 2 minutes to lay out a simple case and close to 20 people took petitions to circulate in response and most of the rest signed.  Using natural alliances makes sense. It can be used to make the effort seem partisan, but the danger for us is in not being bold.  The GOP needs to regain a sense of identity at the grassroots level of being the low tax, people’s party.  It is their best interest to join the cause. Hopefully, the elected officials will join the people’s cause.

House Democrat leader announced Tuesday that the Gas tax is dead.  He said he is voting against it.  Maybe there is hope for Minner/Carney’s party as well.  Unfortunately, his statement leaves on the table all of the other taxes and fee hikes.  The way the system operates, the senate could stick the tax hike in during JFC negotiations and we would not know unless it leaked.  Which is why we all need to support firststatepolitics open government petition.  Click the blogroll for it and go to the petition page.  Of course if you have not signed ours http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/950061677 

We are on the verge of victory if we don’t let off the pressure.  Let’s go for it.  Thanks everyone.

I think we need letters to the editor and a couple of small but well placed classified ads. 


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