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Compromise a dance with the Devil. 25 June, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Action Item, State.

The recent compromise in the general assembly seems to be long on fee and tax hikes and short changing us on spending reform.  I am not surprised the Minner-Carney administration is trying to cover its profligate spending so that they can get a promotion for the Lt. Governor.  Our money has been wasted.  Revenues have been stellar the past several years, yet we find our state in a revenue short fall.  The problem is a negligent General Assembly.  There is something wrong.  The question is who will tell the people? 


The problem is not that we have been undertaxed. We have run the transportation trust fund into the ground by raiding road money for administrative salaries.  We have made tens of millions in unnecessary land purchases such as the $5,000,000 Garrison’s Lake Golf Course.  We spent more tens of millions on the pork barrel raid by Sec. Hayward during his final hours as transportation chief.  We keep the old Saint George’s Bridge when the Army Corp of Engineers was going to destroy it for us since they built us a nice new bridge right next to it–another $40,000,000.  We build the SR1 Dover SR8 connector so travelers could enter center city Dover from Route 1 at the behest of downtown merchants.  We built a south one that goes to south Dover and not just the Air Base.  Great! So why are we trying to spend millions more on one residents oppose which is less than one mile from the south Dover one?

In the mean time the SR1 Indian River bridge is falling apart, literally (safety flags are being raised).  This bridge is vital for our tourism industry.  What type of priority management is that?

We need to demand reform.  One of the few advocating such reform is our Senator Colin Bonini.  He has been a leader defending taxpayers when it seemed unnecessary.  He was a Churchillian voice on the coming budget crisis.  He alone stood against the fleecing of the taxpayers, we need to support him (maybe promote him to Lt. Gov.) and the others who are now standing up against this compromise.  If we don’t, we will pay for it every time we go to work or school.

Sign the STOP petition today!!

The petition is located at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/950061677 or https://stoptaxing.wordpress.com/



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