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A Victory for Open Government; Death of the Fusion ban. 2 July, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in State.

“Most states abolished “fusion” candidacies over a century ago. Only six states other than Delaware still permit such practice. Moreover, the United States Supreme Court has upheld state laws prohibiting fusion candidacies.
This Bill would allow only members of a political party to seek that party’s nomination for an elected office in a primary or otherwise be nominated for office by that party. However, persons unaffiliated with any party still have the right to appear on the ballot as permitted by law.”

Sounds harmless enough.  You would be hasty to go just by the above synopsis of HB 177.  It was a power grab by both parties to block third party from fielding candidates of their choice.   You see in Delaware unlike the other states, you can not change your political party during most of an election year (the rules vary a little between Presidential and non presidential years but you have 6 weeks or less during the year to do so).  So if a third party finds a candidate in April who is not currently a member (which is likely) that person would be inelgible under this bill.  It would go far beyond banning fusion candidacies (which is just coalition building in the open); it would virtually shut down alternative choices for voters like no where else.  Independents and third parties are on the rise across the country.  Our leadership wants to kill the movement before it makes our one party (incumbent party) power structure compete for your vote.

Follow the likes below to see a fun inside glimpse into what happened.  You have to read them both to get the full story from both sides of the aisle. 





1. kevintracy - 3 July, 2007

Good post. This is an issue I’m shocked more people don’t talk about.
-Kevin Tracy

2. Gwen - 3 July, 2007

Fusion is an important tool for independents and insurgents! Good post!


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