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Why Sarah Palin could be the most important person you don’t know. 30 August, 2007

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palin-2007-state-of-the-state.jpgLeadership Works. 

There is a movement to draft Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for VP.  Alaska’s Governor– Sarah who?  I could here many of you asking that before I even get going.  Yes, people all over this nation are joining a movement to draft the new governor of Alaska.

She almost singlehandedly stopped the Alaska GOP from imploding like Ohio’s in the last election.  She did it by making a career of standing for the people and being a crusader against corruption.  She has a 90% approval rating.  She is the embodiment of the modern conservative that I described on Dovercitizen.  The establishment hates her.  The people love her.

She is a fiscal conservative in government not just campaigns.  She line itemed vetoed 13% of the state’s capital budget.  She is uncompromisingly pro-life in a state which is lukewarm on the issue.  She is pro-gun owner as is the rest of the state. Traditional wisdom says she might be controversial.  Yes, the media, money and party establishments unloaded both barrels to on her in the primary and general elections.  She won anyway.  Now she is the most popular governor in America.  Why? She is the only one with the courage to clean up government and fix the mess Republicans and Democrats left.

She is smart,  honest, competent, outspoken, and courageous.  Unfortunately, this is not the image of the typical Republican today.  It should be.  Gov. Palin may be charting the course back to the GOP being a majority party.  I hope we follow it whether or not she is drafted. 

Here is a great article by Fred Barnes– Sarah Palin the GOP’s Newest Star


Rudy Giuliani outlines tax plan; No fundamental change 26 August, 2007

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Make the Bush tax cuts permanent and reform the Alternative Minimum Tax.  He showed not a lot of imagination but a big performance.

To all of those fighting for the American Way 26 August, 2007

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The new #1 video in America: You have to watch this one!

Avril Lavigne – “When You’re Gone”

  • Album: The Best Damn Thing
  • Label: Arista
  • Director: Marc Klasfeld

Delaware Government: Weighed in the Balances and Found Wanting 25 August, 2007

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Next year term limits mercifully mandate we find new leadership. It is time for a review of our successes and failures so we can map our course for the future.



Unemployment is low.  The state is not in any crisis.  We have moderate crime and foreclosures and poverty are not worse than average.  We have made some gains in education such as in reading.  Property taxes are still some of the lowest in the region and we still have no state sales tax.  Income taxes are stable.  Tourism is stable. We have a healthy rainy day fund. Our bond rating is high. We are continuing some of the positive trends from the last 30 years. 



High infant mortality rates are a plague on our state.  We don’t even seem to have a handle on the causes.  Let alone have a plan of action. We have an exploding prison population—eight highest incarceration rate in the nation.   We have several challenges with the deterioration of our cities and towns.  Downtown areas are dying.  Wilmington is facing crime problems a crisis of confidence.  In spite of relatively high education spending and the fact we are 10 years into our reform plan, we have modest results.  The drop out rate is too high.  We have too high of an illegitimacy rate.  A growing population is starting to put pressure on rural infrastructure. Housing costs are such that on an average wage a person cannot afford to rent an average apartment and only 35% of homes for sale are affordable to those making median income.  In other words, the local working people are being priced out of the housing market.   The mergers of the banking industry have changed the dynamic.  We can no longer count on new banking jobs in fact we hope not to lose too many more of the ones we have.



The transportation trust fund has been poorly managed under this administration.  Money intended for transportation projects has been siphoned off resulting in a huge short fall.  The band aid fix offered no reforms; just higher fees we hope won’t be mismanaged. 


Livable Delaware hasn’t made us more livable.  It imposes a failed land use strategy which pressures us to violate property rights and discourages the revival of our cities and the building of affordable housing.  It is causing an explosion of exurbia. 


Power infrastructure issues had been kicked down the line and only because of General Assembly leadership are we starting to address it.  We still have no strategy for consumer choice and adequate, affordable local power.


We are actually going backward in some respects when it comes to education.  We are trying to impose unnecessary regulations on charter schools such as prevailing wage and dozens of other mandates to make them like the schools we are trying to escape.  Test scores are stagnant. DOE regulations are forcing schools to waste money which could be in the classroom.  School districts are not allowed to build adequately for future growth and are forced to go back to referendum every few years to fund projects which should have been covered under the previous expansion.  Alternative schools are under-funded. 


We have not reformed sentencing guidelines adequately.  Our prisons are understaffed. We have no plan to reform petty criminals before they become career criminals.  We are imposing barriers against people reforming their own lives such as regulations barring many ex-cons from hairdressing.


The Economic Development strategy has resulted in one of the slowest growing private job sector in America.  The EDO is consumed with its own management soap opera.  The milking of the franchise fee is starting to cost us business.


Medicaid reimbursement cuts are almost bankrupting St. Francis and forcing many doctors to stop seeing poor patients.  Providers actually lose money on some procedures.  Medicines are being denied patients by the program.  So much for thinking the state is the solution for the health insurance problem.  State health care facilities in the prisons and psychiatric hospital are wanting.  The response to inquiries is to stonewall.


Overall, I think this state can do better.  The current leadership has no strategy to deal with the coming storm represented by the challenges listed.  They have failed in some of the areas they already have the tools with which to work. 

The Fair Tax Revolution and Mike Huckabee are coming to Delaware 18 August, 2007

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Watch this blog and be the first to know when Governor Huckabee is coming to our state.   His campaign has already committed to us now we are just negotiating a date in September or early October. Let the revolution continue.

Romney and Huckabee win in Ames! 12 August, 2007

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Matching his rise in the polls in Iowa, Gov Mike Huckabee beat out rivals who spent the wad in the Iowa straw poll.  Gov. Tommy Thompson the former Secretary of Health and Human Services may be out after he staked all on a second place showing an finished 6th. 

Governor Romney finished 1st and solidified his standing as the front runner in Iowa.

Pork Report Card shows failures 12 August, 2007

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Friends I am imagining a conversation in the halls of Congress.


Porkers of the World Unite!  The dastardly Club for growth is back with its first report card.  They act as if they can make a difference, but no one will know because the main stream media won’t find this news worthy.  Wait a minute alternative media!  That’s not fair.  We need a fairness censor!


What did the release say?

Some interesting numbers to consider:

  • Sixteen congressmen scored a perfect 100%, voting for all 50 anti-pork amendments. They are all Republicans.
  • The average Republican score was 43%. The average Democratic score was 2%.
  • The average score for appropriators was 4%. The average score for non-appropriators was 25%.
  • Kudos to Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) who scored an admirable 98%-the only Democrat to score above 20%.
  • Rep. David Obey (D-WI) did not vote for his own amendment to strike all earmarks in the Labor-HHS appropriations bill. Rep. Obey scored an embarrassing 0% overall.
  • 105 congressmen scored an embarrassing 0%, voting against every single amendment. The Pork Hall of Shame includes 81 Democrats and 24 Republicans.
  • The Democratic Freshmen scored an abysmal average score of 2%. Their Republican counterparts scored an average score of 78%.

Oh stop.  They can’t call us on campaign promises!  Let’s just hope no one goes to http://www.clubforgrowth.org/2007/08/a_pork_project_showdown.php and sees our scores.  I especially hope they don’t go to http://www.clubforgrowth.org/2007/08/the_2007_club_for_growth_repor.php and see the debate between Campbell and Murtha.  People don’t need to see their pork being processed its like making scrapple.  Tastes good but ugly to watch.


Back to the real world.  I hope you see that it does make a difference who you elect.  A couple dozen of our GOP friends still haven’t gotten it, but with an average score of 2 % it appears the Democrat freshman never got it in the first place.

  As for our own Rep. Mike Castle, he scored 40%.

The bridges of Delaware’s counties 6 August, 2007

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Delaware has 35 Structurally deficient bridges (Federal Highway Administration)  and we still have money to waste.  We can buy buildings without the normal appraisial process, build private riverfront property, buy land instead of letting a private TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) bank form, and of course spend millions on upkeeping the infamous golf course.

By the way, here are two bridges with a similar design to the one on I-35. 

State                Structure Number          Location          Crossing

 DELAWARE       1002 232  ROCKLAND RD        BRANDYWINE CREEK