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What is really going on in the Presidential Race? 29 September, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.

Ron Paul may out raise John McCain and be competitive with Fred Thompson this quarter.  The revolution’s quarter ending internet fund push had a goal of raising $500,000 in one week.  It is already over a million with a day to go.  Well it goes to show what can happen when people don’t listen to pundits.  Pay attention people, only the top tier can win…just because they said so.

I am not endorsing Rep. Paul.  I am endorsing the fact that no one should be counted out before the votes are cast.  Support the candidate of your choice in which ever party you belong.  These primaries give us a voice.  Your vote is the currency of your conscience don’t waste it following someone else’s lead.

That goes for local, state, or national races.  Primaries matter.  Don’t be like the 80% who have their choices handed to them then complain about the lessor of two evils.


Missed You 29 September, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008, federal.
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The Jena 6 fiasco is opening old wounds in this nation and we need real leadership to keep us together.  Who will take the mantle of unifier?  I guess not the top 4 Republican Presidential candidates. 

Michael Steele is right.  The Republican Presidential candidate debate was an historic opportunity blown.  The top 4 of them missed the debate.  They unwittingly sent a message which said you are not worth talking to.  If I were the GOP rep at the African-American festival (assuming it occured today), I would catch a cold.

 By rights of political doctrine, attending a debate for a mostly black and democrat audience is a waste of time.  Save it for the general. If we weren’t trying to recover from Katrina and the nation weren’t dealing with Jena, this would be a two day story. When looking ahead at the need for the eventual nominee to have the right image to win, you have to take the invitation.  Going won’t get you a lot of votes.  Not going will get you bad publicity which is something we don’t need to ask for.   Especially when we have headlines like “President vows to veto child health bill”.  Some times you have to take licks for doing the right thing, but you never take them needlessly.  This week the image of the party is we like keeping children sick (false and explanable) and don’t care about blacks (self inflicted).  What’s next week’s image? Shall we try to offend women and the Hispanics we have left?

The winner is Mike Huckabee.  He impressed everyone yet again and now non-candidate Newt Gingrich and Michael Steele put him in the top tier.  The Ron Paul Revolution continues to show it is aimed at all Americans.   

The loser is the GOP.  A growing number of African Americans, particularly those of us under 40, are independent voters who are not satisfied with the Democrats.  In a year in which Republicans need to take any advantage they can, this episode made no sense.  Just as importantly, moderate white voters the party absolutely needs will see this as another sign the party is not open.  Even if they did not think black voters would be affected, the PR harm of not going will take millions of dollars to overcome.  This debate was worth 1000 pictures with black children in ads.

I always tell my fellow blacks the Republican party is open to us.  Now half of them don’t even take an invitation to speak to a nationally televised audience.  I can’t hide my disappointment.  It hurts deep down, even though one debate does not make or break one’s record.  Thank you Mike Huckabee for keeping my faith.  The others have some work to do. 

Note:  The preceding post is solely the view of David Anderson.  It is not intended to bash or disparage any candidates.  It is intended to call attention to a real problem in the Republican outreach to all voters.

Vaughn Out 27 September, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in State.
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My sympathies are with Senator Vaughn and his family as he battles for life and health.  I will add a prayer to theirs.  I first met the Senator doing citizen lobbying.  I found him intransigent and unsympathetic.  I wondered why anyone would vote for such a closed minded guy.  Over the years my view of him has softened.  Yes, he is still stubborn, but he is also dedicated, knowledgeable, hardworking, and sociable.

He has a seriousness about issues that will be missed.  He was dogged in stand for what he believes to right.  He is passionate.  He is studied.  The man knows the budget back and forth.  He helped make our state safer while on the judiciary committee.  He represented his district and party to the best of his ability.

Now the time has come for the 82 year old marine to retire from the fight.  I say thank you for your service.  I have sometimes agreed with you such as with the Gay Rights Bill and disagreed on issues of process.  I will say that I have a respect for you either way, sir.  I hope we have another opportunity to disagree with each other on open government, initiative and referendum, and other issues at a public hearing somewhere.

What does this mean for the rest of us.  I have been giving  this event thought since yesterday.  My sources seem to indicate Rep. Bruce Ennis has the edge in getting the Democrat nomination.  I would be surprised if John does not get another shot on the GOP side.  Too bad Barbara had a temper tantrum and left the party.  It pays to work through problems not burn bridges.  Did she think the Democrats would take a turncoat over their loyal members?  We shall see. 

TERP revisted? 22 September, 2007

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Rumor has it that David Anderson is considering running for the open at large city council seat being vacated by Mayor Carey.  His predictions made in his narrowly unsuccessful run have come to pass vindicating him not the city finance director who injected herself into the election to deny that electric rate hikes would be much higher than officially projected and the budget spending would be as well.  http://www.newszap.com/articles/2006/04/10/dm/central_delaware/dsn03.txt

So when do I get my ten bucks?  Just kidding.

A Tax Plan from the Land of Narnia–Obama lays out plan 21 September, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Economic Policy, Election 2008, Fair Tax.

When I read Senator Obama’s middle class tax cut plan, I was reminded why it pays to have a President who has actually run something.  A corporation, a large ministry or NGO, a state, or even an Amway distributorship will do.  Here is his wonderful plan.  Raise taxes on the rich businesses and give it to seniors, lower middle class earners, and the poor.  He claims there are a trillion dollars in corporate tax loopholes.  Well the entire economy is only around13.2 trillion dollars.  Total corporate profits in the entire decade of the 1990’s was only 4.5 trillion dollars.  Total annual corporate taxes are just 370 billion dollars or so. My point is only in the Mythical Land of Narnia could those numbers be twisted to equal a trillion dollars in profits unless he wants to own all corporate profits and then some. Citizens for Tax Justice may have found their candidate. 

Those who are looking for a better job in  the next 4 years have not.  Senator Obama’s tax policies would take us into an economic land of perpetual winter, and I thought Hillary was the Ice Queen.

Senator Obama has obviously not had much experience with the part of America which works and creates wealth.  He is a career activist and professor of law.  I would like to help the Senator a little.  Read the Fair Tax Book.  It’s your assignment before the next press release on economic issues.  The only place your plan will create jobs is in a mythical land.

Back in the Day we liked the Constitution 20 September, 2007

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This week is the anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States.  Back in the day politicians used to consider that a big deal.  Now Democrats think the constitution is some organic living document which grows to what ever shape they want.  The constitution is more like a Star Trek shape shifter than a governing document in the hands of their judges.  They want to impose a radical new way of life they could never win through the electorial process.  They view your property as something they can take and give to anyone they want.

  At least Republicans seemed to understand the importance of standards, until we started imprisoning American citizens without charges and denying legal representation.  We established secret courts.  We spy on our own people.  We troll through library records. Both parties sign restrictions on freedom of speech and call it campaign finance reform.

Our Constitution seems more threatened by our political leaders than any terrorist.

Maybe we should go back to the day when we actually thought the founders had wisdom.  Then this may become a free country again.

The Winner is…. 19 September, 2007

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Mr. Carlton Carey won the special election for Dover Mayor, followed by Mr. Bill Daisey, Mr. Ruben Salters, Mr. Doug VanSant, and Mr. Jefferson Reed.  The others did not break triple digits.  What will this mean for taxpayers?  We will have suggestions soon for Mr. Carey.  Congratulations, Sir.


September 11 11 September, 2007

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The terrorists are searching for a response.  They are issuing threats to remind us of the terror of September 11, 2001.  There plot was disrupted.  It remains to be seen if they have a backup.

The what Bin Laden and company’s threats do is remind me why we need to have resolve.  They can no longer attack around the world at will.  They are even suffering set backs in Iraq.  They are becoming discredited around the world.

I remember our family trying to get in touch with our cousin who worked at the world trade center.  Later that night someone got through and passed on the fact that she recently changed jobs.  Our family was not touched by the losses directly, but like many families we shared the suspense of that day in a personal way.  My friend with whom I car pooled that day lost a family member. This day will never be the same for him and his wife. 

Why did this happen?  What can we do about it?  What is next?

Come back this evening.

Recent GOP debate best rated. 8 September, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.

The public is tunning in.  The Wednesday GOP debate on FoxNews garnered an average of 3.14 million people in a given minute.  It was the best rated debate so far.

The winners in the debate according to various surveys included Paul, McCain, and Huckabee.  Fred Thompson entered the race that night and will be in  the next debate.  He seems to be toying wiht the Fair Tax proposal.  Is it going to be theme or just trying to halt the growing momentum of Gov. Mike Huckabee?