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Back in the Day we liked the Constitution 20 September, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

This week is the anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States.  Back in the day politicians used to consider that a big deal.  Now Democrats think the constitution is some organic living document which grows to what ever shape they want.  The constitution is more like a Star Trek shape shifter than a governing document in the hands of their judges.  They want to impose a radical new way of life they could never win through the electorial process.  They view your property as something they can take and give to anyone they want.

  At least Republicans seemed to understand the importance of standards, until we started imprisoning American citizens without charges and denying legal representation.  We established secret courts.  We spy on our own people.  We troll through library records. Both parties sign restrictions on freedom of speech and call it campaign finance reform.

Our Constitution seems more threatened by our political leaders than any terrorist.

Maybe we should go back to the day when we actually thought the founders had wisdom.  Then this may become a free country again.



1. kavips - 20 September, 2007

As per your invitation, here is my take on your great post. I hope it helps develop some much needed dialog around all circles.

“There is a scene in one of Herman Melville’s (1851) novels where a coin is nailed to the masthead and the novelist records how each of the main characters interprets of it.

When one rereads the passage after finishing the book, he sees that each persons interpretation is based on his outlook. There are three interpretations of the same event.

I chuckled at David’s first paragraph:

Democrats think the constitution is some organic living document which grows to what ever shape they want. The constitution is more like a Star Trek shape shifter than a governing document in the hands of their judges. They want to impose a radical new way of life they could never win through the electorial process. They view your property as something they can take and give to anyone they want.

If one substituted the word “Republican” for the word “Democrats” I would agree. It takes several moments to understand how it could be otherwise, until I realize David is speaking of “taxation” . I had interpreted the “taking of property” as enforcement of Emminent Domain.

So each of us sees the Constitution from our own perspectives. In itself, the Constitution is a piece of parchment, upon which a handful of men representing a small population of diverse peoples, came to agreement, and signed……The rest has been our interpretation of it since then.

It is a living document, as is attested by the list of amendments that has been subsequently added.

But when it comes to its representation of our values, that is something that can only be achieved through argumentation, and the defense both pro and con of each argument. We all have values, are mine the same as yours?

When it comes to the Constitution, they are…I, as an individual, have decided to accept the Constitution as my base (in the non spiritual world, of course) upon which all else is built. I have also gradually come to realize that as an individual, I can sometimes be misguided, and have thereby agreed to accept the majority rule of the interpretation of that said document, to be more powerful than my own.

In doing so, I realize that to change events with in this framework, I must convince others to my opinion…. and thereby form a majority consensus….. Not blow up a pipeline that benefits someone with whom I disagree with. Fortunately the rest of my citizens tend to agree and we battle with cyber-bytes and hot air, instead of trying to kill off each others children.

As a result, our lives and economies are stable.

Although I am not a proponent of torture, secret courts, loss of habeas corpus they are to somewhat, albeit loosely, allowed by a loose interpretation of Article II, which gives the President the right to defend this country. Historically I supported Abraham Lincoln measures; it was a Civil War. But I do not support its contemporaneous usage by this administration. Again from my perspective relative to the threat, it appears more likely to be used to stifle dissent.

What happened? How did we plunged down this road without allowing all interpretations to be voiced, debated, and aired in public. The problem, I am afraid, is that we have elected dummies to positions of power.

Conyers: “No one reads legislation anymore before a vote.”

And that is the problem. There are many who have issues, and wish to voice their opinions, but instead are stifled, and muffled when dissent is not allowed. If it can be said, since the Democrats have taken control of Congress, that there has been more open discussion in the last 8 months, than occurred during the previous 6 years.

The reason our ship of state is rudderless at this moment, is NOT because of a lack of steadfast resolve by our leadership; it is because those policies were not allowed to be aired, exposed, probed, spread out for all to see, allowing a true vision of how many of our citizen actually approved or disapproved of them……

In essence, my case is this: the Constitution will live as long as citizens like David and myself are allowed to fight for it……. we may not agree, and that is the beauty of the whole concept………..that through our disagreement……..the American people actually benefit……….”

2. David Anderson - 20 September, 2007

Great comment. U always have something interesting to say.

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