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Vaughn Out 27 September, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in State.

My sympathies are with Senator Vaughn and his family as he battles for life and health.  I will add a prayer to theirs.  I first met the Senator doing citizen lobbying.  I found him intransigent and unsympathetic.  I wondered why anyone would vote for such a closed minded guy.  Over the years my view of him has softened.  Yes, he is still stubborn, but he is also dedicated, knowledgeable, hardworking, and sociable.

He has a seriousness about issues that will be missed.  He was dogged in stand for what he believes to right.  He is passionate.  He is studied.  The man knows the budget back and forth.  He helped make our state safer while on the judiciary committee.  He represented his district and party to the best of his ability.

Now the time has come for the 82 year old marine to retire from the fight.  I say thank you for your service.  I have sometimes agreed with you such as with the Gay Rights Bill and disagreed on issues of process.  I will say that I have a respect for you either way, sir.  I hope we have another opportunity to disagree with each other on open government, initiative and referendum, and other issues at a public hearing somewhere.

What does this mean for the rest of us.  I have been giving  this event thought since yesterday.  My sources seem to indicate Rep. Bruce Ennis has the edge in getting the Democrat nomination.  I would be surprised if John does not get another shot on the GOP side.  Too bad Barbara had a temper tantrum and left the party.  It pays to work through problems not burn bridges.  Did she think the Democrats would take a turncoat over their loyal members?  We shall see. 



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