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What is really going on in the Presidential Race? 29 September, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.

Ron Paul may out raise John McCain and be competitive with Fred Thompson this quarter.  The revolution’s quarter ending internet fund push had a goal of raising $500,000 in one week.  It is already over a million with a day to go.  Well it goes to show what can happen when people don’t listen to pundits.  Pay attention people, only the top tier can win…just because they said so.

I am not endorsing Rep. Paul.  I am endorsing the fact that no one should be counted out before the votes are cast.  Support the candidate of your choice in which ever party you belong.  These primaries give us a voice.  Your vote is the currency of your conscience don’t waste it following someone else’s lead.

That goes for local, state, or national races.  Primaries matter.  Don’t be like the 80% who have their choices handed to them then complain about the lessor of two evils.


1. wickle - 30 September, 2007


For some reason, for all the talk about how Republicans hate the mainstream media, they’ve been allowing the MSM to choose which candidates have a chance of winning.

I’d like to see a Huckabee-Paul shootout, the two ideas-based candidates going at it.

2. Alan Coffey - 4 October, 2007

We have to remember that it is not Ron Paul that matters though. It is his ideas that are captivating the youth of America…

3. kavips - 4 October, 2007

Fifty years ago, Americans woke up to a Soviet satellite orbiting over their heads. Today, fifty years later, we are beginning to wake up to the fact that we do not have to play politics by the rules imposed on us by the “parties.’ Ron Paul is part of that phenomenon.

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