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Dover Civic Center Group holds public forum. 22 October, 2007

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Here is a flyer we got verbaitim.  Come learn more about the Delaware Civic Center Arena Monday, October 22, 20076:30pm-7:30pmOutlook Room at the Duncan Center500 West Loockermann Street 

  • The Delaware Civic Center Arena being proposed for Kent County will be located near Sam’s Club here in Dover.
  • The Delaware Civic Center Arena will be a multipurpose arena that will be home to a minor league hockey team and the Delaware State University men and women’s basketball teams.
  • Global Spectrum, the current manager of the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, will manage the Delaware Civic Center Arena and bring a variety of shows and concerts to the facility.
  • The Delaware Civic Center will create more jobs and an economic boost to our economy.

 *This public forum is being hosted by The Greater Dover Committee in an effort to further educate the public about this project.  Come learn more about the Delaware Civic Center Arena from Global Spectrum and have all your questions answered by the experts  This event is free and open to the public.  Please plan to attend.  Everyone is welcome.  Light refreshments will be served.

We Lost a Taxpayer Advocate–Ed Bauer. 19 October, 2007

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The best thing we ever got from NJ was my friend Ed Bauer.  He was a citizen activist always looking out for the taxpayer. He was tireless and well researched. 

He was a leading voice in this state for Initiative and Referendum, open government, and sensible utility policy.  He called the flawed deregulation exercise for what it was when it happened.  “Dave, you have to look at these numbers”.  I miss that.

 I learned a great deal from him during our service together on the board of United We Stand America, DE, Inc.  So his contribution will continue.

Thank God for Ed.  My best to Ms. Eunice.

David Anderson

Huckabee Debate Party–making politics a social affair 17 October, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.

Debate Details

FOX News Channel and FOX News Radio
Location: Shingle Creek Resort
Orlando, FL
October 21st, 2007
8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
  • There will be two commercial breaks.
  • The debate will be moderated by Brit Hume.
  • There will be time limits to answers. 1:00 minute per answer, :30 per rebuttal.
  • There will be a sound effect and a visual cue when time has expired.

We encourage you to host a party or attend a party near you. We are using Meetup to help organize our Debate Parties.

If you cannot attend or host a Party but plan on watching the debate, we have created a number of ways for you to also participate the night of the debate.

On the Night of the Debate:
  • Join the free-flowing discussion on our Debate Hot Board before, during and after the debate.
  • Watch our live-blog of the debate. We have asked four bloggers for Huckabee to live-blog from the campaign blog.
  • Email us photos from your Debate Party at photos@explorehuckabee.com.
Debate highlights

Governor Palin’s son is now in Army. Ray Clatworthy’s son back from Iraq. 7 October, 2007

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An update Gov.  Palin’s 18 year old son recently enlisted and is now in Basic Combat  training.  It makes her story even more interesting. http://www.adn.com/news/politics/story/9313869p-9228870c.html

Locally, I am pleased to say that the Delaware Army National Guard’s 198th has returned from Iraq.  All of the 198th.

I am also pleased to say we are all grateful to God that our friend Lt. Mike Clatworthy has returned safely as well.  He is the son of former senate candidate Ray Clatworthy.

Vision: A Comprehensive Strategy for the city of Dover 7 October, 2007

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Many years ago, packaged items were weighed on a balance.  On one side was a true standard and the other was the goods you were buying.  If short, it was said to be weighed in the balances and found wanting. 

When I look at city government today, I weigh it by asking are we getting our money’s worth? Is our money well spent? Can we go out for an evening jog or walk in any neighborhood safely? Can our children play safely in our parks while we talk with our friends?  Is this a good place to find a good job or start a business?  

Truthfully, I don’t think we are up to standards.  We are better than many places, but if you weigh us by the standard, we are weighed in the balances and found wanting. Shootings are a regular news event.  Drug houses are a neighborhood fixture. The city budget has nearly doubled in 4 years yet our quality of life hasn’t.  Two years ago, the city budget was 93 million dollars now it is 150 million dollars.  Government administrative salaries have
skyrocketed while ours haven’t.  Rent, electric, trash, water/sewer
fees, and property taxes have all gone up.

  Some of our water is still brown.  It has gotten to point where I joke about bottled water – I am from Dover I don’t trust water I can’t see and smell.It is time someone took up the cause of the citizen.  It is time we
had real problem solvers back in government.  I have worked on the
outside and on city committees, but I am tired of trying to affectchange.  I want to bring change…. (more…)

Fair Tax Gains Momentum 5 October, 2007

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When Gov. Mike Huckabee endorsed the FAIR Tax in February, it was little noted by the mainstream media.  Now the revolution is flooding America.  Other candidates are coming on board in some manner to say they are open to it.  800,000 Americans are now signed up at Americans for Fair Taxation which is double the beginning of the year.

http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer?pagename=news_feature is an interesting read from national review on line and is a featured article this week.  It does misstate one fact.  The proposal is 23% not 30%.

GM and Chrysler Plant Closings–Two ways forward by Protack & Levin 4 October, 2007

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The latest news, which showed the new UAW contract has no lines planned for the GM plant in New Castle County beyond 2012, has given consternation to many in this state.  There may be a chance to save the plant, but it is obviously prudent to look at alternatives.  This blog has given a critique of the failed economic development policies of this current administration.  I wondered what would a Republican administration do to find a way forward.  Mr. Mike Protack sent me an email which I will post below unedited, and Mr.  Alan Levin spoke with me by phone (I hope my memory and notes do him justice–he can email me any amendments) which summary follows Mr. Protack’s posting.  This will be the first in a series on Two Ways Forward for Delaware. The order will alternate.

Mike Protack 

The auto plant may or may not leave Delaware but we have to be ready.One very common sense thing to do is provide incentives for companies to expand who are already here and also for companies which could move to Delaware. These companies in the small and mid size category are the target group.We can offer “seed money” to these companies by using a very small part of the Delaware Pension Fund 2-3% to provide ready  capital.Also, tax abatements ( no taxes ) for a set period of time for start  up companies and for those in existence we should offer significant relief from income taxes ( most small businesses file a 1040).There is more but we have to develop options and provide leadership.

Alan Levin I was disturbed when I saw this in the UAW contract last week.  The original Chrysler plant was an old Tank plant from WW2.  I would like to see government establish incentives to use those plants.  One possibility is giving Bluewater their 250 Turbines for the windfarm.  We should give them the land in exchange GE would build the turbines here in Delaware. 

Mr. Levin would also like to work with City of Dover and Kent County to turn the Garrison Track into an Alternative Energy park.  He would also like to find opportunities for Sussex as well.

Leadership is about making decisions not establishing commissions. – Alan Levin

David Anderson

I hope you found this useful.  I look forward to your and their comments on this post.  We need to build a way forward.  It starts with the ideas which challenge the status quo.  Thank you gentlemen for participating.

War Tax? Recession Tax is more like it. 2 October, 2007

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Over at DelawareLiberal, they are up to a new version of their tax and spend insanity.  They are proposing a 2 to 15% war tax which is an additional income tax surtax.

We are at the end of our 7 year growth cycle.  We are going to have to be skillful to avoid a recession.  Alan Greenspan puts the odds of a recession at better than one in three. Jacking taxes up has never worked in that circumstances.  It would be a repeat of 1990.  If we want more money, cut taxes and grow the economy. 

Who is hurt the most by a recession?  Cyclical workers (many in unions), minorities, poor people, and small business is the answer.  I guess liberals don’t care about any of these people if it makes a point they like.