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GM and Chrysler Plant Closings–Two ways forward by Protack & Levin 4 October, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008, State.
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The latest news, which showed the new UAW contract has no lines planned for the GM plant in New Castle County beyond 2012, has given consternation to many in this state.  There may be a chance to save the plant, but it is obviously prudent to look at alternatives.  This blog has given a critique of the failed economic development policies of this current administration.  I wondered what would a Republican administration do to find a way forward.  Mr. Mike Protack sent me an email which I will post below unedited, and Mr.  Alan Levin spoke with me by phone (I hope my memory and notes do him justice–he can email me any amendments) which summary follows Mr. Protack’s posting.  This will be the first in a series on Two Ways Forward for Delaware. The order will alternate.

Mike Protack 

The auto plant may or may not leave Delaware but we have to be ready.One very common sense thing to do is provide incentives for companies to expand who are already here and also for companies which could move to Delaware. These companies in the small and mid size category are the target group.We can offer “seed money” to these companies by using a very small part of the Delaware Pension Fund 2-3% to provide ready  capital.Also, tax abatements ( no taxes ) for a set period of time for start  up companies and for those in existence we should offer significant relief from income taxes ( most small businesses file a 1040).There is more but we have to develop options and provide leadership.

Alan Levin I was disturbed when I saw this in the UAW contract last week.  The original Chrysler plant was an old Tank plant from WW2.  I would like to see government establish incentives to use those plants.  One possibility is giving Bluewater their 250 Turbines for the windfarm.  We should give them the land in exchange GE would build the turbines here in Delaware. 

Mr. Levin would also like to work with City of Dover and Kent County to turn the Garrison Track into an Alternative Energy park.  He would also like to find opportunities for Sussex as well.

Leadership is about making decisions not establishing commissions. – Alan Levin

David Anderson

I hope you found this useful.  I look forward to your and their comments on this post.  We need to build a way forward.  It starts with the ideas which challenge the status quo.  Thank you gentlemen for participating.


1. noman - 4 October, 2007

This blog will surely be the premier site to go to for coverage of the Republican gubernatorial primary.

2. David Anderson - 4 October, 2007

Thanks. I also have contacted Treasurer Markell’s people and will send out to Lt. Gov. Carney. I hope they respond as well.

This will be the candidates in their own words with unbiased analysis just like this piece. You don’t need me to tell you what to think. If you want to read my columns, you will get my thoughts. This is about their thoughts.

I am very bullish on the GOP when I see thinking like this.

3. Jason O'Neill - 4 October, 2007

Especially since Dave Burris, despite his blog First State Politics won’t cover all of the candidates running for Governor.

I am more bullish on Mike Protack’s Delacare 2008 plan. This plan is essential to ensure citizens and workers have transportable health care. This plan will also allow the GMs and Chrsylers of the world become more competitive again, by having a health care plan that makes sense financially and medically.

If the GM and Chrsyler plants go the way of the do-do bird, we better have a plan for them in the future. We should be pursuing the imports. Other industries (alternative to automobile) should also be on the table.


Back to the these great ideas. May Daimler AG is willing to make some its Smart cars here in the U.S. for North America distribution.

I am slightly concerned about the notion of the use of either facility for short-term projects, such as the manufacture of turbines mentioned.

Delaware needs long-term financial success. Maybe it can be converted or re-used for biotechnology, semiconductors, etc….anything to brings jobs and hope back to Delaware.

Time for real leadership….

4. Protack for Governor - 8 October, 2007

The idea of recruiting a firm to move their facility which is already in place is a decent one but history shows the incentives have to very large.

My first hope is to incentivise new growth in small businesses and start ups not recycle other eneterprises to Delaware. Most of our future growth should be in this area and our Delacare Plan is perfect for small bisinesses.

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