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Fair Tax Gains Momentum 5 October, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Fair Tax.

When Gov. Mike Huckabee endorsed the FAIR Tax in February, it was little noted by the mainstream media.  Now the revolution is flooding America.  Other candidates are coming on board in some manner to say they are open to it.  800,000 Americans are now signed up at Americans for Fair Taxation which is double the beginning of the year.

http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer?pagename=news_feature is an interesting read from national review on line and is a featured article this week.  It does misstate one fact.  The proposal is 23% not 30%.



1. Jason O'Neill - 5 October, 2007

Fair tax is the way to go! All for it.

2. Protack for Governor - 8 October, 2007

Taxes should be designed to foster savings, growth and investment and nothing else.

If you do those things revenue will pour in.

People respond to incentives.

3. Ron Rose - 14 October, 2007

What does the fair tax have to do with the immigration fiasco???
If all of the illegal immigrants, who were defended at the Notre Dame forumn by saying that “it is not a crime to enter this country in violation of the law” What, it sounds selfevident if you violate the law you have committed a crime, right! Also to hold a forumn in the Catholic University is not an open discussion of thesubject. How about this– it is said that the magnet of jobs is the cause of illegal immigration— How about making babies being the cause of the illegal immigration. Not accidentally but on purpose. Have 5 children, send them to the good ol usa at age 14, pregnant if female, have the 5 send back #40/week to mom and dad. A Mexican millionaire. $10,000+ year tax free where $5/ day is big pay.
The fair tax would tax consumption.
All those wanting the give aid and comfort to the 12 million illegals or more currently here should be big backers of the”FAIR TAX”.
They could in fact say they were coming closer to paying their fair share.

4. Ron Rose - 14 October, 2007

What is Mike Huckabee doing? Nothing in the last week. He is the person whod can give the FAIR TAX a chance.

5. Johnny Gregory - 20 November, 2007

San Francisco’s proposed id card for those here who are not citizens was on the news today. The speakers said many illegal aliens are unable to get a driver’s license or a bank account so are walking around the streets with pockets full of CASH. If they are not getting employer withholding they are not paying any income-based taxes. The Fair TAX will eliminate the losses from the underground economy of illegal aliens and everyone else by TAXING PURCHASES VS. INCOME. GREAT IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME! Governor Huckabee might play the NO INCOME TAX as one answer to the illegal alien problem when immigration discussions come up. Please suggest it becomes a BIG PART of the immigration reform solution- no more INCOME-BASED TAX!

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