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The Ron Paul Revolution marchs to a different beat. 30 November, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.
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America’s true constitutionalist has a diverse group of fans.  Here is a fun video.  This is for the many Ron Paul fans who read this blog.

Huckabee surging in polls. Now leading in Iowa, 2nd in SC, FL 29 November, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in Election 2008.
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Rassmuesen’s latest state by state surveys show Huckabee surging in Fl, taking 2nd in SC, and winning in IA. He has replaced Fred Thompson about the same time Thompson waffled on abortion and dropped the fair tax.

Gov. Huckabee has the televised endorsements of Zig Ziglar and Chuck Norris. I guess that means we will see him at the top.

New Rasmussen Poll Shows Huckabee Ahead of Romney in Iowa
November 28, 2007
Little Rock, AR — Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee issued the following comment today in response to recent polls showing growing momentum in Iowa and nationally:

“The numbers show we are climbing, especially in Iowa, but also
nationally. The latest Florida poll indicates this is more than a one-state play.
The more we get attacked, the more our numbers soar. This just proves
that when you get kicked in the rear, you’re really the one out front.
Despite what the pundits have said, there’s no substitute for message —
and the voters know it.”

Some times it pays to see where the bandwagon is going before you follow it. 26 November, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.
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David Anderson


Click the above link which shows an October 23, 2007 report from ABC News.  Could Rudy be the GOP equivalent to John Kerry?  Some Democrats were so anxious to get the most electable person that they ignored fatal flaws in a candidate who marketed himself that way.  In reality, he would never be elected.  I was starting to think the Mayor might be our version.  Now I am sure of it.  Will we be able to deal with drip after drip becoming a massive wave?

Maybe you don’t think this means anything.  I was involved with the Jessica Law debate so maybe it is just me.  What do you think?  As a father, I find this hard to swallow.  A man is suspended indefinately from his job for molesting minors and you hire him and give him a character endorsement.  The man also designed policies which hurt children by covering up allegations against others according to a grand jury.  This is what the mayor did.  The truth is this man has not been charged or convicted of anything.  He denys the charges.  Without corrupt Bernie, this might be okay, but I am starting to wonder about a pattern of choices for positions. 

I am not attacking anyone.  I am just asking that you look at this and tell me if you are a Republican that you don’t see trouble looming if the Mayor is the candidate.  Maybe I am wrong.

Don’t try to guess who is the most electable candidate, go with the best candidate as you see it and let the chips fall.  You will find the best candidate will turn out to be electable. The early primary states see the candidates close up.  I am seeing a value to this vetting.  I hope the rush to be first or hold a virtual national primary, does not undercut the vetting process.

My views are my own.

Huckabee moving up in polls. 26 November, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.
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Gov. Huckabee is a major contender in all of the early states except FL at this point.  He is strongest in Iowa and SC which are two of the three earliest states as predicted here months ago.  The Governor is in a virtual tie in Iowa for the lead. Click on the realclear politics link to the right for details.  In Iowa the Fair Tax movement is among the most organized.  Could it be the revolution has started? 

Governor Huckabee is being attacked by the establishment.  This is a good sign.  It means he is getting through the media picked top tier blackout.

Leary Back 21 November, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Dover.

Councilman Thomas Leary has earned back his title with a special election victory November 20th.  He won a nearly two to one victory based upon fiscal responsibility.  Congratulations.  My turn in April.

Republicans failed; Democrats failed again. It’s our turn. 17 November, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in federal.
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Republicans rolled into Washington almost 13 years ago promising fiscal responsibility.  They delivered.  Unfortunately after Kaisich and Gingrich left, so did the Republican resolve.  They became like the Democrats they replaced.   The Democrats came back last November on three promises.  End the War.  End Corrruption.  End Earmarks.  They have yet to do any of the three.  The war is not an issue here.

Corruption and earmarks are.  The Democrats have not only failed to bring daylight to the process, but they have increased the earmarks.  The recent water bill was a disgrace.  It was doubled in size to accomodate the set asides, special projects, and earmarks.  This is costing us ten billion dollars just for that one bill.

It is time for us to demand change.  Join in forming a 100,000  cybercitizen revolutionary brigade for change.  Sign the petition today.  http://100000strong.com

<iframe src=’http://www.100000strong.com/petition.php’ width=100% height=300 frameborder=0></iframe>

Thanks vets 13 November, 2007

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To all who served–May God bless you.

Let’s keep making the tax code even more complicated. 11 November, 2007

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AMT tax relief is being made someone else’s a major tax hike via a new tax on equity marketmakers.  When the economy is fighting off a credit crunch, why would we undercut people who are improving American Corporations and funding much of the liquidity in the stock market?  Pelosi/Rangle math says subtraction of wealth from the economy equals a growing economy.  It may feel good to slap the rich, but it fails every where it is tried.

What we need is fundamental reform which works for all Americans whether they are rich or poor.