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Republicans failed; Democrats failed again. It’s our turn. 17 November, 2007

Posted by stoptaxing in federal.

Republicans rolled into Washington almost 13 years ago promising fiscal responsibility.  They delivered.  Unfortunately after Kaisich and Gingrich left, so did the Republican resolve.  They became like the Democrats they replaced.   The Democrats came back last November on three promises.  End the War.  End Corrruption.  End Earmarks.  They have yet to do any of the three.  The war is not an issue here.

Corruption and earmarks are.  The Democrats have not only failed to bring daylight to the process, but they have increased the earmarks.  The recent water bill was a disgrace.  It was doubled in size to accomodate the set asides, special projects, and earmarks.  This is costing us ten billion dollars just for that one bill.

It is time for us to demand change.  Join in forming a 100,000  cybercitizen revolutionary brigade for change.  Sign the petition today.  http://100000strong.com

<iframe src=’http://www.100000strong.com/petition.php’ width=100% height=300 frameborder=0></iframe>



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