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Huckabee now second nationally. 2 December, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008, federal.


Why don’t polls matter before a campaign begins a year out? The campaign hadn’t begun so the people didn’t know the candidates. Now we can see who is catching fire a month before the first voting. Our media has become poll driven even before polls matter. Why has there been such a shift? Issues matter. The candidate matters.

Remember that in the local elections.

This cut and paste shifted a little for the first line Just slide the names over one column in your mind or click the realclearpolitics link to the right. Together they show the shift in momentum over the last month. Gov. Huckabee is now at 17% and Giuliani is down to 22%. Romney and Paul have edged up. Thompson is sinking. Gov. Huckabee is now the conservative alternative to Giuliani with Romney close behind. It will get interesting. Remember Rep. Paul is going to bring people who aren’t likely voters into this low turnout affair so his numbers will likely be stronger than they poll. I think January will be an exciting month.

  Giuliani Thompson McCain Romney Huckabee Paul Spread
RCP Average 11/08 to 12/01 27.7 14.8 12.8 12.2 10.0 4.8 Giuliani +12.9
Rasmussen 11/28 – 12/01 22 14 14 11 17 6


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