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8Dec07–28th district special election is a unique opportunity–edorsement of Christine Malec 3 December, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Action Item, Event, Local, State.

The 28th district which covers Smyrna through North Eastern Dover is voting December 8th, 2007. It will be easy to forget this election on a Saturday during the Christmas season. Let me give you a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

Christine Malec has been a friend of the taxpayer and is in line with the goals of Stop overTaxing Our People. She has pledged that she will not vote for a tax increase this term. Her over all philosophy is one of government serving the people not the people serving the government.

She is solidly pro-family in both her policy and her life. She is a small businesswoman and understands the local economy. She is a reformer. She not only favors the open government initiatives, but favors the right of referendum. She has proven herself as a diligent public servant willing to listen to the people on the smyrna school board.

Christine Malec is one of the few candidates that make me take special notice. I feel that she is a rare find. Please give her the chance to serve. We need about 15 more like her, but let’s start with this one. Don’t forget this election. It is too unique an opportunity.



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