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Info@woundwarrior.com 13 December, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

Dear David,

During the holidays, terrible loneliness can overcome our military and veterans hospitals.

Imagine one scenario: You just lost a leg in Iraq. The pain is unbearable. Your family lives in a distant state. And no doctor can let you escape the wards to go home for the holidays. The story will differ from one wounded warrior to the next, but the plot will be the same for hundreds in the next few weeks.

You and I cannot take them out of the wards, sending them home to celebrate with family and friends. But you can make a secure gift online to help a hero get through this difficult emotional time.

Yes, our troops will put on a brave face and tough it out. But think of the peace you’ll create when a recovered warrior from the Wounded Warrior Project shows up, providing a newly injured hero with peer counseling and proving that an injury doesn’t have to destroy your dreams!

When you support our combat-wounded heroes during the holidays, you’ll do more than give them “things.” You’ll show our injured troops the community outside the hospital walls remembers them and truly cares. More than anything, it’s your kindness that makes your holiday gift so special to a wounded warrior in a hospital bed.

So will you give $25 …or $50 to help our nation’s heroes? For a gift of $99 or more, you can provide one wounded service member with peer counseling, helping them through the effects of combat stress and showing them that they have a life after their being injured, and they can still follow their dreams!

Please act now … and help WWP ensure we have the supplies and resources needed to help these severely injured warriors through the holidays!

Ring in the holidays for our wounded warriors!

John Melia, Executive Director
Wounded Warrior Project



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