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What’s behind the Huckaboom? 17 December, 2007

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008, federal.
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Once upon a time there was a small state governor who decided to become President. The establishment disdained him because he never catered to them. He lived the life of ordinary people. He cared about what mattered in our lives. He connected where we live. They called him an also ran or second tier even though he had the most governing experience a year before the first vote was to be cast.

Then something happened. Under the radar, this candidate set up an Internet network of bloggers and others. He out-shined his rivals in debates. He showed that he wanted to fundamentally reform Washington instead of tinkering with it. Abolish the tax code which is where the special interests get their power over us. Have immigration reform that controls our border and holds responsible those corporations that cynically abuse those who want a better life, instead of disrespecting the hard working people who want a better life. He wasn’t afraid to talk to anyone, even minorities not Republicans. He led the way in defending family and marriage both in policy and by example. He tapped into the Lincoln style people’s party. He represents the Wal-Mart Republicans not the 5th Avenue or K Street Republicans.

He doesn’t need to go around saying “I feel your pain”. People can feel that he understands the middle class anxiety. His proposals would keep free trade while leveling the playing field for American Companies starting with getting rid of the tax breaks that send our wealth and jobs off shore. He is passionate for better education. He doesn’t bring anger to politics but a fix the problem attitude. He is a man of Christian Character. He is not afraid to challenge his own party when it is wrong nor does he shy away from pointing out the problems with the other party. He does it by standing on unchanging core beliefs, yet he understands that everything is not one of those issues. He made a career accomplishing major changes which made a huge difference in millions of lives by collaborating instead of compromising. He is the one Republican with a common touch.

He is the only one of the top GOP contenders who is not a millionaire. He devoted his early life building people not fortunes. That fact puts him suspect in the Wall Street Journal editorial page and the Club for Growth elite. Everything he says is suspect. What right does this former pastor (forget the fact the last 12 years have been in high public office not ministry–Reagan too was always an actor to some of the elite) have to think he can change America? When he says he wants to be the mainstreet president and break the stranglehold of the special interests which own both parties, they know he means it. He owes them nothing. He has always obtained office in spite of the special interests. They don’t finance him. They don’t own him.

That is the root of the appeal which is driving the so-called Huckaboom. It is also why negative reports and smears have never worked on him. It is why he is the Democrats worse nightmare. See the article below.


Mike Huckabee’s rapid rise in the Republican presidential race is prompting concern among some Democratic strategists who believe that the former Arkansas governor could become a daunting general election foe should he secure the GOP nomination

These operatives believe that Huckabee’s profile — former Baptist minister, southern governor, fitness preacher — and self-effacing style on the stump could prove an appealing combination for moderate and independent voters.

“Mike Huckabee is the Republican that probably worries me the most,” said Wooten Johnson, a Democratic strategist based in Louisiana. “Unlike the other Republicans, he isn’t flawed in the eyes of the Republican base. But more importantly, he has a record of being a true compassionate conservative. He will be able to attract those suburban voters that don’t want to vote for [a] Democrat.”

Back to me

New polls show he beats Senator Clinton and Senator Obama (trounces Obama and Edwards) in Arkansas. He is dead even with her in the general election in both Zogby and Rasmuessen. He is unknown by a quarter of the people still and yet he runs about even with the leading Democrats nationally.

Like any candidate he has his pluses and minuses. It was common place wisdom that he did not have the organization to handle beyond the early states. That has now changed with the addition of Reagan confidant and campaign Chief Ed Rollins. Rollins sees in Gov. Huckabee a new Reagan. A man of vision and courage who is up to the challenges facing the nation. He sees a man who can connect with the people and communicate with them in way which inspires them. He is right. That is why supporting Mike Huckabee is not Huckacide. It may be the salvation of a party on the verge of being a generational minority again.



1. no.billary - 21 December, 2007

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2. Jenner - 29 December, 2007

Funny, Daniel Webster had this to say:

HUCKABOOM. huhk-uh-boom. noun.
What happens when evangelicals join together to prop up an inferior candidate for the sole reason that he is NOT a Mormon. See: bigotry, intolerance, how Hillary gets elected, article six of the Consitution, 1930’s Germany and the reason Huckabee is nowhere to be found in polls outside of the shamelessly anti-Mormon Bible Belt.

Your theory has a nice spin though, O’Reilly would be proud. Go Huckabee!

3. Jenner - 29 December, 2007

Why don’t people get that all of this is completely irrelevant. Mitt is the only one who will be capable of winning the general election. The various reasons behind this truth would fill up too many pages in blog to expound. I invite anyone doubting this to please revisit this blog in November after Huck or McCain get STEAMROLLED by the dems.

Anyone here defending Huckabee as a presidential candidate is actually defending Hillary.

When are Huckabee and McCain supporters going to finally realize what most of us can CLEARLY see: They are U.N.E.L.E.C.T.A.B.L.E. Period.

Stop supporting Huckabee, your Huck/McCain primary votes are going to put Hillary and Obama in office. Seriously, just vote for Hillary now and save us time.

4. Jenner - 29 December, 2007

Follow up to my previous comment:

I said I would not expound on the MANY reason they are unelectable.

Can’t resist. Here are a few revealing ones:
Why did the Concord Monitor Newspaper attack Mitt Romney so ruthlessly? These people are as liberal Democratic as they come. What about Romney scares them enough to lash out like that? Hmmmm….It sounds like these Hillary lovers really want Huck to be the nominee in November. I wonder WHY?

Rush Limbaugh. The guy lives and breathes for the Republican party. He’s spent his career defending and promoting the GOP, through thick and thin. I wonder why he has come out so vocally AGAINST Huckabee??? Hmmm…He’s obviously protecting his beloved GOP from something….Could it be ignorant Huckabee supporters who don’t understand that Mike Huckabee will NEVER be elected by the general population outside of the Bible Belt. Rush knows it, so shuld Huckabee supporters.

Can you sense the frustration level?

Here is one more thought to keep you up at night (no, it’s not Huck sitting across a table from Ahmadinejad). The supreme court is ONE judge away from overturning Roe v Wade. Romney will appoint a pro-lifer, Hillary Won’t. Given that Huck/McCain can’t win, it appears that most evangelicals are really in favor of abortion. Think about it.

5. David Anderson - 29 December, 2007

I think McCain would be one of our strongest candidates. Look at the polls over the last eight years. How can you say he is unelectable?

As for Huckabee, Michigan and Floridia are not exactly Bible belt states. He is in fact the best rated Republican in general election match ups. He is the only Republican even with Sen. Obama. I think any of the Republicans have a chance against Clinton or Edwards, but only McCain or Huckabee could beat Obama.

6. MyKisa - 29 December, 2007

The media is attacking on every detail at every opportunity because they know that if it is negatively stated, it will stand, no need to clarify or expound and people will gobble it up.
They always bring the faith issue up and never touch the tax law problem. The only way they can demean the Fair Tax is with misrepresentation or out and out lies.
I`m happy for his faith, but the power over my own money interests me greatly. Tax law is politician`s tool for buying votes as it is now, and they will fight Fair Tax til the end.

7. wickle - 29 December, 2007

Wow, Jenner.

That’s the same stuff you were spamming over on my blog. Nice …

I especially love the assumption that the only reason we support Gov. Huckabee is Mormonism. Maybe the only reason I don’t support Clinton is that she’s a woman? The only reason I’m not with Obama is that he’s African-American?

Is this how conservatives campaign? It sounds like liberals’ prattle to me.

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