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Huckabee on Tax Cuts 1 January, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.
  • Governor Huckabee’s record on taxes as a steward of the public’s money has been CLEAR and consistent as a conservative with strong pro-growth.policies.  The Club for Growth misrepresents this record.
  • Governor Huckabee is a fiscal conservative who cut taxes almost 100 times in the state of Arkansas. He doubled the standard deduction and the child care credit, eliminated the marriage penalty, repealed capital gains taxes for home sales, lowered the capital gains rate, expanded the homestead exemption and set up tax-free savings accounts for medical care and college tuition.
  • The fact is that when Governor Huckabee began in office, the tax rate was 1% for the poorest taxpayers and 7 percent for the richest – the tax rates remained exactly the same when he left the governor’s office 11 years later.  The sales tax only went up 1 penny in 10 ½ years and the gas tax 3 cents per gallon.
  • The Governor believes differently than the Club for Growth – there are many in that group who believe that believe public FUNDING should never be considered to pay for such things as highways, prisons, schools and Medicare.

About the Famous Club for Growth Video Clip

  • In 2003 the state’s chief financial officer projected a $62.3 million revenue shortfall that would result in cuts in state services, possible layoffs, tax increases or the possible repeal of late 1990s tax cuts.
  • Governor Huckabee told the Legislature that he would accept any recommendation they could agree on in order to meet the law’s requirement to balance the budget.
    The Legislature was presented a series of options and chose to increase the tax on tobacco. 

About the Club for Growth’s Attack Ad

  • The attack ad was financed by Steve Stephens, the chairman of ClubforGrowth.net and a wealthy political rival from Little Rock. 
  • Because Governor Huckabee supports earmark reform, Stephens stands to lose millions of dollars in pork for his businesses when the Governor is elected President. 
  • (“Earmarks” is the term used to refer to a provision in legislation that directs funds to be spent on specific projects. Typically, legislators use earmarks to direct money to a particular organization or project in his/her home state or district. These mandates circumvent the merit-based or competitive allocation process.) 
  • Even the liberal New York Times said that the Club for Growth was distorting Governor Huckabee’s record. Last week they wrote an article explaining how the tax increases were used to improve education and infrastructure in Arkansas. [Note: The full text of the article is at the end of this briefing sheet.]

The link to the NYT article: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/02/us/politics/02huckabee.html



1. Lori Bourgeois - 5 January, 2008

I need help on understanding what Gov Huckabee’s view on globalization is? Does he want to give the world a stake in what we do or is he talking about increasing our ability to trade by lowering the price of our goods due to the implementation of the fair tax? I can’t figure out why they are saying Wall Street is saying that it will suffer if he is elected. It seems to me there will be more for people to invest. Help me out here!

2. david anderson - 5 January, 2008

Some people are just afraid of change. He would be the best President Wall Street ever had, it is just that the monopoly they have on the Presidency will end. We want more trade. Our goods are selling, but in reality we are handicapping ourselves. We give tax breaks to move jobs out of America and tax jobs in America. We give a better break to imports with low tarrifs and tax our businesses. If they listen, they will see he favors free trade–truly free trade.

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