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GOP a 5 way race? She’s back! 8 January, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.
Senator John McCain is back. Michigan will now be 3 way political bloodbath between Romney, McCain, and Huckabee. New Hampshire voters gave Rep. Ron Paul equal standing with Mayor Giuliani. It appears the top four performed according to expectations. Governor Huckabee received an Iowa bounce. Senator McCain made his stand. Governor Romney has shown consistent strength across the country. Mayor Giuliani decided to fight another day.Rep. Ron Paul exceeded expectations and should be given equal footing in the next debate. It has been two elections and both put him above so called top tier candidates. Senator Fred Thompson was running around 1%. Michigan looks dismal for him as well and polls do not look good for him in South Carolina. He should fight for it though, we know how polls change, just look at Iowa and New Hampshire.Senator John McCain has once again thrown down the gauntlet in South Carolina. He was dealt a severe blow last time by then Governor Bush because he set media expectations so high on a win. This time he is 10 or more points behind another southern Governor. It is a puzzling strategy. Senator McCain is much stronger in national polls and Nevada. I would think he would disperse the focus. The GOP is increasingly looking like a three way race not a 5 way race.

In the Democrat race, word must have gotten out about my (pretend) endorsement of Senator Obama and now they view him with suspicion. I am just kidding. Senator Clinton showed the passion people where looking for and it was followed up yesterday by a spirited defense by the former President. Women voters came back home. When people picked on her for being a real woman, it fired up the female vote. They identified with her for the first time in months. Senator Clinton needed the win, but it doesn’t matter. The race is so close that the Democrat Party nomination fight has to be considered a toss up. The next step is Nevada. Then the race starts to move to territory more friendly to an African American. In South Carolina, 53% of Democrat registrants are black.

Rassmuessen’s numbers nationally;

 In the roller-coaster race for the Republican Presidential Nomination, it’s Mike Huckabee 21%, Mitt Romney 19%,McCain 18%, Rudy Giuliani 13%, and Fred Thompson at 11%. Ron Paul attracts 4% support (see recent daily numbers).

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s now Clinton 32%, Barack Obama 29% and John Edwards 20% (see recent daily numbers).



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