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The Presidential Primary State by State 9 January, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.




1. Wallace H. Riley - 14 January, 2008

I am concerned with the Fair Tax proposal by Mike Huckabee on New goods and services.

First of all, is this only for new services and not for current services and if so what is the defination of a new service?

What, if any, are the exemptions?

Are the following to be taxed or are they exemptions: rentals, leasing, insurance (health, life, property, auto, etc), services performed for an employer – including individuals (to include moving assistance, gardining, maid, nursing, assistance in living or assisting in producing a product or service), state & local taxes (which support state and local services), hotel/motel/camp ground stays, gambling (state lottery or casino), medicines, medical/dental examinations -services- procedures, items/services pruchased from/in foreign countries, items/services purchased via phone or internet, phone-internet-TV services (monthly – installation – maintenance), maintenance fees, club and membership fees, shipping charges (including USPS, FedEX, UPS, Freight, moving company), items/services from government (especially military) facilities (Exchanges, Commissary, Housing [transient and permanent], transporation), items/services obtained/performed from/for non profit organizations?

Also, since this provides advantages for those spending money from IRAs and disadvantages for those spending money from ROTH IRAs, will any compensation be given to those who converted IRA to Roth IRAs?

How will this affect items or money for items/services covered/provided by insurance (including long term care plans), retirement plans, or Social Services (such as welfare, medicade or charities)?

2. Davidlanderson - 14 January, 2008

go to fair tax.org and thos questions are answered. I am surprised that you did not see the answer already in earlier post. New is something that is made after the effective date. That is not tough.

You already pay taxes on most of the things you list.

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