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Are there two Americas or two views of America. 12 January, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.



The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that 62% of likely voters believe American society is fair and decent. Twenty-eight percent (28%) of voters disagree and find it unfair and discriminatory.These results are similar to those found last month, when 60% felt society was fair and decent.As in last month’s survey, there were significant differences in opinion between different partisan and demographic groups. While 84% of Republicans said they felt society is fair and decent, only 49% of Democrats agreed. On the other side, only 9% of Republicans see society as unfair and discriminatory and 41% of democrats hold that view.Sixty-seven percent (67%) of white voters think society is fair and decent, but 64% of black voters take the opposite view.

There is also a significant ideological divide on this question. The overwhelming majority of conservatives (70%) view society as fair and decent while only 20% take the opposite view. Liberals are more evenly split on the matter—53% of them believe think society is fair and decent while 37% say it is unfair and discriminatory.



1. Don Parks - 14 January, 2008

Prediction: NO elections in 2008

Here is how it will come about:

1. Time magazine, December 17, 2007. Page 46 “The Fort Dix Conspiracy”


2. e-book, http://www.farviewu.biz Was AIDS a terrorist act?


3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_anthrax_attacks


4. Number of envelopes received in Presidential candidates offices with white powder (sugar?);
One group had brown powder (ant killer?) with note “Don’t Bug Me”


NO elections in 2008

Have the American political parties set up event 4 to keep themselves in power? They know,
based on event 3, that the person(s) who send these envelopes cannot be traced. Further,
they estimate that once they get this “mailing” going thousands of un-happy Americans will
join the crowd and the mailings will get completely out of hand.

The politicians have not been talking about the REAL problems facing America today.
Look at web site http://www.saps08.net to see what the issues really are.

Furthermore, I predict that the U.S., under the leadership of Bush, will solve the immigrant
problem by taking over Mexico and making it a U.S. territory. This will probably happen in
late 2008.

Bumper stickers:

Confused State of America
2008 Vote for this HONEST
Politician ______________

In Washington: If is smacks of
morality or common sense its a
matter of religion!

For President in ’08
__ None of the above.

2. David Anderson - 15 January, 2008

Okay, Thanks for your input. I don’t share your pessimism. If GWB wanted to suspend election 2006 would have been better. We even had two elections in the middle of both the Civil War and WW2. A terrorist attack would not interfere..

3. Lanny Mcpherson - 17 April, 2008

When will Senator Obama just say I love America? At least he recognizes the greatness of America. Clinton and Edwards seem to only think America is great if they run it.

4. Prophet In Our Midst…. « kavips - 16 June, 2008

[…] And that is from a local Republican…. […]

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