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Influential Delaware Republicans Support Huckabee 2 February, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008.

Huckabee deserves support in Republican primary

The Republican Party can hold its head up high this primary season. Without question, we have quality candidates, all of whom would make an excellent president. Each in his own way has articulated foundational core Republican principles.  As we enter into Delaware’s Feb. 5 primary, we would like you to consider Mike Huckabee as the leader who can move America forward.

As governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee inherited a government in distress. The state was hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, had a school system rated 49th in the nation and a road system that was arguably the worst in America.  Despite having to govern in an environment where Democrats outnumbered Republicans 9 to 1, Gov. Huckabee took his message of fiscal responsibility and moral consciousness directly to the people.

By the time he left office in 2006, the state of Arkansas’s fiscal house was in order boasting an $800 million surplus; Arkansas’s roads were rated as the most improved in the nation by Trucker Magazine; and just recently it was announced that Arkansas schools now rank eighth in the nation. All this culminated in Gov. Huckabee being named one of the top five governors in the nation by Time magazine.

Gov. Mike Huckabee’s commitment to the protection of the pre-born, to our right to keep and bear arms, and to the sacredness of the institution of traditional marriage is unwavering. Additionally, Mike Huckabee’s immigration and border security plan has been endorsed by Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project.

We truly are blessed to have a leader like Mike Huckabee running for president as a Republican. Not since the great communicator Ronald Reagan has there been a candidate who can speak so genuinely to the people of America as a common man; a man who has known the hardscrabble struggles of life; and who can articulate a vision that will inspire a great nation to even higher plains of glory.

Please join us in supporting Gov. Mike Huckabee for president in the Delaware Republican Primary on Feb. 5.

Ray Clatworthy, Dover
Keller Hopkins, Bridgeville
John Rieley, Millsboro
Bill Vernon, Rehoboth
David Crossan, Wilmington

David Anderson, Dover



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