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Snipes persecuted to warn the rest of you. 24 April, 2008

Posted by stoptaxing in Fair Tax, Taxpayer rights.

Wesley Snipes was involved in the misguided movement which says the income tax is unconstitutional and argues that you don’t have to pay it. It is based upon a controversial ratification vote in one state which put the 16th Amendment over the top. I don’t know whether it was legitimate or not, but what I do know is that after 95 years, the courts will not revamp the entire way we run our government. That horse should have been corralled at the time if the accusation is true. The movement makes many other arguments which sound good to a lot of people so good that three people actually convinced juries to go along with them. These rare cases give even more ammunition to the leaders who have cost a lot of people their livelihood, freedom, and reputation.

What I have a problem with is the prison sentence. Snipes will be a political prisoner. Willie Nelson owed a similar amount and did not go to jail. Snipes is being sent to prison for 3 years on a misdemeanor charge of not filing his tax returns. The only reason given is to make an example of him. Where is the justice in that? He should pay what he owes not a pound of flesh. Judge Mathias pointed out that we are the only western country which uses prison for such offences. Child abusers get less time than the political prisoner. Snipes and the protest movement are being persecuted not for what they have done (millions are just sent nasty letters and collection procedures for the same offence), but for what they believe. That is as unAmerican as the tax code.

Let’s end this insanity. Let’s have a the fair tax. Then we will be a free country again.


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