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Eric Buckson Out of LG Race with a Bang. 1 May, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Election 2008, State.

Wednesday night, Kent County Levy Court Commissioner Eric Buckson bowed out of the Lieutenant Governor’s race during an eloquent statement at the Kent County Republican Caucus. Buckson, who had always intended a convention strategy, said he knew the votes weren’t there after Friday’s shakeup of the race which saw the entrance of Senate Minority Leader Charlie Copeland. “I will not ask this county delegation to follow me into a losing battle”, he said.

“I could whine about process, but it is what it is”, said Buckson, “I believe I can win statewide, but so can Charlie”. He urged the party to unite behind Senator Copeland and vowed to be back in the future. He pledged to support whomever the convention nominated for governor but urged the Kent County delegation not to overlook supporting “the two guys who have worked their butts off” in a recognition of Mr. Graham and Mr. Protack who already have been campaigning. He then specifically praised “the letter by David Anderson” in support of Mr. Protack.

The stunned delegation responded with a standing ovation and praised his selfless service to the party. The man who entered politics as a party maverick, may have become a new party darling. FSP runner up for Delawarean of the year may be in the running for an encore.

In other news from the caucus, the Kent County Caucus is poised to keep its tradition of using a secret ballot for all contested offices. This respect for the dignity of the delegates has helped Kent County be one of the more successful people in gaining activists and thereby electing Republicans.

As an editorial note, this author urges the other Caucuses to do the same. I also want to be crystal clear that we did not preceive his remarks as an endorsement of anyone but Senator Copeland.



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