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I also heart Sarah Palin. 12 June, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Sarah Palin.

I invite you to read my update on Sarah Palin on Battlegroundstates08. I wrote

Gov. Sarah Palin cut Alaska’s requested earmarks in the federal budget down from 550M to under 200M and from 54 to 31 projects. How many governors are saying they want less federal money? She is providing leadership which could restore the state’s reputation after the bridge to no where. Not to mention this fits perfectly with McCain’s reform message.



1. Ted - 13 June, 2008

This is not rocket science.
Palin as McCain’s Veep.

2. Could it be Sarah Palin? | DelawarePolitics.net - 29 August, 2008

[…] Word is out that Senator McCain is making a bold choice of Governor Sarah Palin. If this is correct, today may indeed be the day the election was won. This is proof that God loves Republicans too. Way to go McCain. For More information on the next Vice President of the United States. https://stoptaxing.wordpress.com/2007/08/30/why-sarah-palin-could-be-the-most-important-person-you-dont-know/ https://stoptaxing.wordpress.com/2008/06/12/i-also-heart-sarah-palin/ […]

3. thenonconformer - 1 September, 2008

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