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Local Potporri, BWW, Taxes, and the budget. 23 June, 2008

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The General Assembly is near the end of its session which means a lot of issues will come in rapid fire over the week. There is no way I have time to write full posts on them so I will give them quick analysis and mentions in this format. Please feel free to expand upon the one that interests you in the comments. Your opinion is just as valuable as mine.

Delmarva Power and Light has reached an agreement with Bluewater Wind’s parent company. Typical of the Delaware way, it seems like a proposition where we lose some of the advantage we could have had. At least this victory, watered down as it maybe is still a boon for Delaware. It was going to happen, but by being first it will give us guaranteed rates and local jobs which could have been lost to NJ if we waited another year. Delaware needs to get beyond its lose, lose mentality and go to a win, win mentality. One part which should have happened regardless is spreading the cost over a larger base not just residential customers.

To all the people who kept fighting when it was said to be a dead issue–a fist bump goes out to you! Delaware online credited bloggers and citizen activists for keeping up the pressure which saved this deal. The voice of the people can still be heard.

“I think their efforts have been probably the most single-handedly instrumental in this thing coming to an agreement,” State Rep. John Kowalko said. “There’s a group of people that we wouldn’t have done it without.

“To win this debate, we had to keep the public aware of what was good about this proposal and what was necessary, and I can’t say enough for the activists and the bloggers.”

Other credit for bloggers came from wind power supporter Dave Burris, a former Sussex Republican Party chairman and blogger, who said ordinary people deserve a lot of the credit for the agreement.

$130,000,000 looks like the figure the General Assembly will seek in new revenue. I say sin taxes are great because I won’t pay them. To get serious, we could be facing significant tax increases. There are 17 revenue increasing bills with a significant following. It bares watching. The GA had put out that half of the $217,000,000 deficit would come from spending cuts and half from tax and fee increases. Revenue turned out to be $63,000,000 better, but the tax and fee increases didn’t go down. All of the great ideas for more efficient government seem left on the table.

2010 looks shaky for revenue so this could be a multi-year struggle. Nancy Wagner held a public hearing to get our input before she went into the final days, what a novel concept!

The disgusting people file has a new addition. 2 trailers of chicken were stolen from the Delaware Food Bank. Times are hard enough without the predators among us. If you know who did this or see cheap chicken mysteriously show up for sale out of the back of something, report it. There is a reward, payable in heaven.



1. DownSouth - 24 June, 2008

Finally some relief in Utility rate hikes could be on the way. Now all we have to do is get these guys to adopt the Wagner spending cuts and the Lead report before any fee hikes.

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