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Minner Vetos property rights protection 30 June, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

Governor Minner vetoed the bipartisan SB 245. Delaware on line reported the following:

Gov. Ruth Ann Minner announced today she is vetoing legislation that would have redefined “public use” in the eminent domain law and made it harder for government agencies to take private land.

The Legislature passed Senate Bill 245 on June 12, after months of negotiations between parities involved in the issue.

The legislation would have only allowed government agencies to take private land if it was intended for “public use” and added that economic development did not meet the definition of “public.” It also would have tightened the definition of blighted, adding it must be a threat to public health and safety.

I am so glad we have the Governor looking out for the interests of the powerful. If we didn’t have people like her, the average citizen might be able to sneak a break in once in a while. I am so relieved that Marx’s vision of the government desires trumping private property is not locked up in a museum.

This bill passed with only one negative vote between the two houses, yet it is rumored that Senator Adams won’t let the veto override come up tomorrow. I hope that rumor is untrue. I respect standing with your team. I respect loyalty to the leader of one’s party. I also believe that loyalty to the people has to rank as well, hopefully first. There is no partisan benefit to sustaining the veto of a lame duck governor which flies in the face of the position of most of her own party and the vast majority of the public. To the contrary, blind loyalty here only gives ammunition to be used against Lt. Gov. Carney. I hope President Pro Tem Adams sees that sometimes it is time to place the long term interests of his party over the feelings of one member. Let them have a free vote.

For those who needed another reason not to vote for a Democrat controlled State House of Representatives, here it is. We need at least two parties in this state. Don’t turn our state into an echo chamber instead of a place where all sides are heard.



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