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Congress gives 300 Billion Dollar Christmas in October Party 29 July, 2008

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I may not believe in Santa Claus, but Uncle Sam is just as good. Congress loaded up a gift for nearly everyone in the massive new housing bill which takes effect in October. The New York Times had this report.

But it also includes many handouts to first-time homebuyers, longtime homeowners, returning veterans and senior citizens seeking to tap their home equity without getting hit with big fees. Millions of people have the potential to benefit in some way.

Huge numbers of people buying homes for the first time, for instance, will be eligible for what amounts to an interest-free loan from the government. Meanwhile, older Americans will now be able to borrow more and possibly pay less for reverse mortgages that allow them tap the equity in their homes.

Whether larding up the bill with all these benefits is good for taxpayers is a debate for another part of the newspaper. But there is no shame in taking advantage of what is offered. In fact, you would be foolish not to.

Well, it seems more like Christmas on the credit card to me. I guess it is a coincidence that the election is in November and the bill takes effect in October. I hope we don’t get the January blues afterward, but I fear they will last for a lot longer when you add up everything else we are borrowing for. Live for today for tomorrow we beg.

I am all for stabilizing the market, but as I wrote in other posts there are much better ways which don’t distort the market nor get us saddled with mounds of potential debt. Allow all borrowers with adjustable rates who are not in foreclosure to refinance if it benefits them. Give tax credits to cover some of the fees. but limit the fees if it is an express refinancing with the same lender. Allow people who are laid off but still making payments no doc refinancing. Give an infusion to the Fannies and be done with it. Don’t create a continuing liability. It is these continuing liabilities which could be the ruin of us.

Great way to help David 28 July, 2008

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Feel free to help Stop’s favorite candidate, David Anderson. He may not have the special interests in his pocket, but he has you on his heart. Thanks. The first 50 donations of even 1 dollar will be matched with a 10 dollar gift. 600 dollars per individual is the legal limit.

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100 days out 28 July, 2008

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Senators McCain and Obama are back to within 3 points in Rasmussen’s latest daily tracking poll, but even more interesting is the fact that Americans are more upbeat than they have been in 4 years about the War on Terror and the Iraqi Front.

But for McCain and other beleaguered Republicans, at least there was good news on the war front. Over half of Americans now believe the United States and its allies are winning the war on terror, the most upbeat assessment Rasmussen Reports has recorded in nearly four years.

I also note that Senator Obama is more trusted at or beyond the margin of error in 5 of the 14 top issues, healthcare, the environment, trade, ethics, and education. Senator McCain is more trusted on 5 issues as well, Iraq, national security, abortion, immigration, and taxes. They are in a statistical tie on the economy, energy, balancing the budget, and Social Security.

The VP sweepstakes is interesting. Mike Huckabee is the most popular choice for McCain followed by Joe Lieberman, yet most people think he will choose Mitt Romney who polls show may flip Michigan. Edwards and Clinton lead the public’s view of who would be the best choice for Senator Obama. Governor Tom Kaine of Virginia could flip that state even though he only shows 21% in the national polls.

Conventional wisdom has not been too wise this year. These polling numbers reinforce a simple truth. You should go out and vote your conscience. Don’t let people tell you the election is predetermined. The Congressional numbers show Republicans are gaining on most issues and Democrats have lost their lead on 3 out of the 10 big issues and lost ground on most of the others. The Generic ballot has closed for 5 week in a row and some of the Senate races have tightened up. The new generic number will be out Tuesday. Things could change but this is not shaping to be a wipe out for either party.

The Race is on. 27 July, 2008

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The Republicans have a primary for governor along with the Democrats.  Mike Protack and Bill Lee are both official candidates.  They are both good people that I know personally and I am remaining neutral in the race.  With that said you need to know what they are saying.  Here is Mike Protack’s announcement.  (For my post on Bill Lee’s announcement follow the link.)

 Although a formality, I have been a candidate for months visiting with individual Delawareans and community groups listening and talking about how I would lead Delaware in providing health care to all citizens, provide quality education to all school aged children, provide jobs to all who want to work, and protect our environment for all to enjoy.
    No other Republican has stepped up to the plate with a viable message to win this election nor has any Republican candidate shown the capability to discuss the issues, lead the state or show the character to be Governor of this great state. Delaware has suffered under one Governor who too often is “unavailable for comment”. We don’t need another disengaged and incapable person holding this high office.
    Consequently, I have been left to defend the principles of the Republican Party offering well though out, positive workable solutions to our poorly run government. Simply, we can’t survive  four more years of  business as usual under a Democratic Governor.
    For the last 8 years the Minner/Carney administration has left the state with the Dead Weight of Tradition by having endless commissions, never ending studies, followed by empty promises and then poor results. From an under funded transportation trust fund to a violent and poorly led Delaware Psychiatric Center to a budget challenge in 2008 which was ignored.
 They have not been responsible to the citizens of Delaware and it must end now.  

It’s Official–David Anderson for Levy Court 26 July, 2008

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I officially filed for the 3rd district Levy Court seat in Kent County. I have a lot on my plate, but I am concerned enough about this county to invest my energies to making it better.

We have some challenges ahead. Unemployment is up 25% over last year, but just as important so is underemployment. I have been talking with people working 3 jobs and still not able to make ends meet because the 3 jobs don’t pay as much as the one they lost. Others are paying 20 to 50 dollars a day to get to work. It is clear that we need a better business base here. We need to treat the businesses we have better and attract new ones.

The lack of emergency preparedness concerns me. The Rico Chemical incident was a wake up call and our county leadership seems to have hit the snooze alarm. I testified before the state and city governments about our concerns, but I don’t see enough movement on the county level.

I know from my duty providing Katrina Relief with the National Guard that local government matters. Whether the relief operation went smoothly or was a source of frustration was directly related to the competence of the local officials. I saw elected officials who rose to being local heroes selflessly serve their community. They were models of leadership. I saw others get in way, and even divert aid to their friends. I saw first hand that local government matters. My family lives here and I am not comforted by our lack of coordination between first responders and the local government.

I am not pleased with the way our county spends some of our money. I have detailed that elsewhere on this site. The Government needs to act like our money is a precious resource. When I am elected, you will have a constant voice asking the right questions.

If you would like to help the campaign at no cost to you, follow this link to Revolutionary MoneyExchange (it is like paypal without the high fees), it is free and without obligation. The campaign will get ten dollars. Thanks.
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McCain Ad Raps Obama on Energy 22 July, 2008

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The latest McCain ad pulls no punches. The answer to the question of why are gas prices so high–Obama. No hints there.

It is an interesting approach. Senator McCain had always talked about his comprehensive energy plan. This one is about drilling pure and simple. It gives an important message, but is it too simplistic or does it finally cut through all of the clutter? I will be watching the polls when I find out where this airs. If it expands beyond a few states, we will know that it works.

I think the Democrats have been caught sleeping on what will be the issue of 2008. This may be the day that they lost the chance to have the gains they thought would happen in Congress and maybe even the Presidency. The Congressional generic ballot lead of Democrats has shrunk the last 5 weeks and is in single digits according to Rasmussen.

I think this election will come down to 4 points and the relative advantage on each. They are energy policy, economic policy, national security, and desire for a change in leadership. Senator John McCain is more trusted with national security. Senator Obama represents change. Polls show the other two issues are awash. McCain is seeking to continue his momentum on the energy issue and pressing for an advantage. With it the economy moves as well. It is why the election is so close (McCain 42% and Obama 43%). It will be fun to see an election fought on the issues.

This week, we finally stop paying for government 19 July, 2008

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…At least we stopped paying for this year. Cost of Government day came this week. “Cost of Government Day (COGD) is the date of the calendar year on which the average American worker has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of spending and regulatory burdens imposed by government on the federal, state and local levels”, according to Americans For Tax Reform. Congratulations, my fellow Americans, you are now free to look out for yourself and your fellow man.

The worst part of the sad fact that Americans work the equivalent 197 days to deal with the economic consequences of government is that it will likely get worse. The entitlement bomb is crying out for reform. According to the Concord Coalition we face 53 trillion dollars (present value of money terms) of unfunded liabilities if we don’t implement reforms. That is about the equivalent of the world’s economy. If you took every dollar earned in the world this year, you could pay the promises Congress has made the people. That should be a wake up call.

Ben Ewing Will Be Missed in General Assembly 17 July, 2008

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Representative Benjamin Ewing announced his retirement recently. I will personally miss him. He was a great asset to the State of Delaware. I had the pleasure of working with him as a citizen lobbyist. He was helpful and a real leader in pro-family issues. He was usually a good friend of the taxpayer as well. He voted for every tax cut that I can remember.

I remember his support during my efforts to get a Defense of Marriage Bill passed in Delaware. He, Rep. Buckworth, and Senator Bonini were instrumental in ensuring Delaware was one of the early states in this battle. His legacy will go on for years.

He will be in my prayers especially that he overcomes a reported battle with cancer.

Academy of Dover Turnaround–one person’s perspective 16 July, 2008

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UPDATE: Http://www.whyy.org has the replay of Thursday’s newscast in which we were part of the lead story.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being a part of success. The school is one of the great turnaround stories in Delaware education. Student Achievement is up. School morale is up. The school is run better in accordance to best practices in many areas. More needs to be and will be accomplished to make this a premier school. I am fully optimistic that the next year will bring that goal to reality.

Now it should be obvious that this was a team effort. In fact I would say optimistically, I may be responsible for 5%, but my 5% was essential to it happening. When I highlight my part in this to show you why I can be trusted, let it be with the understanding that a lot of other people did their part too. It was a team effort as the article said and without everyone’s effort the school would have failed. I especially credit the leadership of Mrs. Mary Scott (board president), Mrs. Leida Sanchez, MBA (treasurer), and the dedicated staff who went beyond the call of duty.

The Academy of Dover was a good school fundamentally, but it was facing some real challenges. The former management company did not live up to expectations and the school faced closure if changes weren’t made. The Department of Education demanded a new board of directors be chosen. I was honored to be one of those selected.

We faced 4 challenges. We needed better administrative procedures including financial management and reporting. We needed to improve our test scores and raise student achievement. We needed to meet 24 conditions set by the department of education. We needed to restore our image (damaged by the negative publicity from the problems which threatened the school’s viability) in the community and among our own parents.

Board President Mary Scott gave us our assignments. There was too much work to be done as a full board in just a couple of months before school opened this past year. So we each took an area and reported back to our committees which compiled and reviewed the work and reported back to the full board. We still had to have special meetings which lasted for 4 and 5 hours each (for an unpaid position). The results were worth the effort. We accomplished the conditions several at a time. We established Board Procedures for governing the school. We retained a firm to do an audit. We established best practice financial management. We sat down with our management consultants and made clear what we needed to happen. We had our contracts brought up to best practice legal standards. We brought the school up to the same standard expected of districts in many ways.

Stage 2
After the administrative items were handled, we went for the tougher job of bringing up student achievement. We implemented tracking of every student so a teacher and parents could know were each student stood not only in a class grade, but on each skill to be tested upon by the State (DSTP). We used Iowa testing at the beginning and end of the year. Next year we will test at the beginning, middle, and end of the year using MAPS.

I proposed a new math curriculum, Singapore Math which will be implemented next year. It is the number 1 rated math program in the world. We will be one of three schools in the state of Delaware to pioneer the program.

I also proposed a physical fitness policy, we now have one reflecting recommended practices and even received a grant to improve it. School safety was another priority of mine (having a child in the school) even though we had no incidents. We tightened some procedures and our bringing in more technology to help us over the coming year.

I have also had a part in bettering communications with the parents through a newsletter and an updated website. I also authored a parent satisfaction survey.

We are utilizing our computers better to aid learning. We have one for every 2 students. One of my areas was technology.

My part included writing some of the board procedures. It also included marketing and public relations. I authored the marketing strategy for the school. It was a low cost/ high effectiveness strategy. The school’s enrollment is up over 30% and climbing.

Stage 3

I am also one of those who proposed a gifted and talented program which will be brought on line this coming school year. We look to implement new after school programs.

We have cut unnecessary spending to get the most from every dollar. We used what we saved to hire enough staff so that we have a single digit student/faculty ratio.

As I said many others did more, I am certainly not the star of the show, but my part was also significant. Because I am an activist, I do not believe in just belonging to a group. I am a man of action. If elected to levy court, I will do my best to achieve the goals laid out. I want to see a strong, sustainable economy. I have a record of achieving what I set out to do. Please give me a chance to work for you.

Clatworthy charts new course for state 14 July, 2008

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John Clatworthy urges General Assembly to reject tax hikes, cut spending instead
“Delaware has a spending problem, not a revenue problem”, says Clatworthy  “Our government should do the same thing Delaware families are doing, scale back to make ends meet.”

Hockessin, DE – John Clatworthy, fiscal conservative and candidate for State Senate, called on Delaware’s General Assembly not to raise taxes on Delaware families already struggling to cope with rising costs.  Delaware politicians have been calling for tax hikes on consumer goods, health care, businesses, andJohn Clatworthy Senate Democrats are even pushing to increase the personal income tax.

“Delaware families are struggling to cope with an uncertain economy and rising costs of everything from gasoline to groceries.  How can our leaders even think of adding to their burden by making them pay more taxes?”  said Clatworthy.
Our government cannot justify a single tax increase when our budget has doubled in the past 12 years and our state spends more money per h ousehold than any other state in the continental United States.  Ronald Reagan had it right when he said ‘Governments don’t reduce deficits by raising taxes on the people; governments reduce deficits by controlling spending and stimulating new wealth.'”
State government spends over $20,000 per household and the state budget has gone from $1.7 billion in 1996 to $3.4 billion in 2008.clatworthy
State spending has doubled, but our schools aren’t twice as good and our roads aren’t twice as good.   Now these same politicians are asking Delawareans to render even more of their hard earned dollars — there’s clearly a tremendous amount of waste and mismanagement in state government.   Citizens elect leaders to b e good stewards of their money, not waste it and demand more.”
“I know very few families whose budgets have doubled in the past 12 years and I don’t know a single family who hasn’t had to cut back to adjust to these challenging economic times.  Our government should do the same thing Delaware families are doing, scale back to make ends meet.”
John Clatworthy is a husband, father and businessman from Hockessin.  He’s running for State Senate in the 4th Senatorial district, which was vacated by Sen. Charlie Copeland who is now running for Lt. Governor.