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Ingrid is free 5 July, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

Vatican had His Holiness John Paul 2. Great Britain had Margret Thatcher and Winston Churchill. America had Ronald Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt.

This century saw the rise of a fearless lady, Ingrid Betancourt of Columbia. She had a heart for her people. It lead her to ignore death threats. She took on the Drug cartels and corruption in her government. When the two main parties showed themselves not up to the challenge, she formed Oxygen. The third party was quite popular and provided the leverage necessary for the people to make the ruling party deal with corruption. She looked as if she was on her way to winning the Presidency when she was kidnapped by leftist extremists. It has been five years. Over that time a worldwide movement sprung up calling for her freedom. I am overjoyed to say that our voices have been heard and she is free.

I admit that I would have political disagreements with the Senator, but this week they don’t exist. Thank God for the safe return of this woman of courage and the other captives. If she can be a spark for reform in a system as broken as Columbia’s, Americans have no excuses.



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