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McCain Ad Raps Obama on Energy 22 July, 2008

Posted by stoptaxing in Election 2008, federal.

The latest McCain ad pulls no punches. The answer to the question of why are gas prices so high–Obama. No hints there.

It is an interesting approach. Senator McCain had always talked about his comprehensive energy plan. This one is about drilling pure and simple. It gives an important message, but is it too simplistic or does it finally cut through all of the clutter? I will be watching the polls when I find out where this airs. If it expands beyond a few states, we will know that it works.

I think the Democrats have been caught sleeping on what will be the issue of 2008. This may be the day that they lost the chance to have the gains they thought would happen in Congress and maybe even the Presidency. The Congressional generic ballot lead of Democrats has shrunk the last 5 weeks and is in single digits according to Rasmussen.

I think this election will come down to 4 points and the relative advantage on each. They are energy policy, economic policy, national security, and desire for a change in leadership. Senator John McCain is more trusted with national security. Senator Obama represents change. Polls show the other two issues are awash. McCain is seeking to continue his momentum on the energy issue and pressing for an advantage. With it the economy moves as well. It is why the election is so close (McCain 42% and Obama 43%). It will be fun to see an election fought on the issues.



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