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Palin Loved by America 30 August, 2008

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Local Emergency Preparedness a Disaster 30 August, 2008

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It will be three years since Hurricane Katrina woke up America to emergency preparedness, and Kent county still isn’t ready for an emergency.  It has been two years since the Dow/Rico accident and we are still not ready.  They couldn’t even handle the recent minor flooding in Kitts Hummock and Bower’s Beach.  What if we had a chemical spill with toxic chemicals?  What if we had a major storm and had wide spread flooding?
Tell me there is not a critical failure of leadership.  The sad part is I doubt Kent county is alone.  The state has made improvements but they didn’t filter down to the counties very well.
The lack of emergency preparedness concerns me. The Rico Chemical incident was our wake up call and our county leadership seems to have hit the snooze alarm. I testified before the state and city governments about our concerns, but I don’t see enough movement on the county level. The notification system is still not sufficient.  The county needs to take charge and make sure the citizens are protected. 
I know from my duty providing Katrina Relief with the National Guard that local government matters. Whether the relief operation went smoothly or was a source of frustration was directly related to the competence of the local officials. I saw elected officials who rose to being local heroes selflessly serve their community. They were models of leadership. I saw others get in way, and even divert aid to their friends. I saw first hand that local government matters. My family lives here and I am not comforted by our lack of coordination between first responders and the local government.
Each person needs to take responsibility for themselves and their families, but we still need government to keep us informed and help us when we need it.  It is crazy for there to have been a chemical spill and the local hospital not be informed why people are coming in when the government is on site.  It was beyond belief that people were going to shelters and Red Cross not be notified that the shelter was open let alone to stock it.  It is absurd that there are no sirens to go off during an emergency because they are loud.  It is sad that a recent storm came and people were stuck in their homes because the roads were flooded and the government didn’t even invest in marking the roads so emergency vehicles could find them.  Every year we still have failures.  It is like we heard the wake up call and hit the snooze.
We need at least one person to bring up these issues for the sake of your families.  We need real change.  I, David Anderson will bring that change.

What Choosing Sarah Palin Really Means 30 August, 2008

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The reform wing of the Republican Party has triumphed.  Reformer John McCain turned his back on the Washington Republican establishment and turned toward the working people of America.  I will not go over the accomplishments of Governor Palin, just read my other posts and comments.  I am focusing on what this choice means to the party. 

The combination of McCain Palin is a profound one.  It brings together the national security wing with the social wing.  It takes the party away from the big spending heresy which infected it. It is a fiscal conservatism not only of tax cuts, but of spending restraint. It puts two bold and courageous people at the head of the party.  It signifies that the party is under new management. 

When she was being vetted, Palin made an interesting statement which is being taken out of context now.  She said that she would not leave her job as Governor unless she was assured the VP role would make a difference in its day to day operation.  In other words, she understands historically that the VP can be a very important role in an administration or a one not much more influential than Miss America.  She was not interested in being McCain’s token.  She wanted to contribute.  That tells you volumes about the Governor.

She represents a turn in the party from poking fun at the vision thing to some one who believes government should represent the hockey moms, fishermen, teachers, and small business people in its policies again.  The Republican Party chose to give more than lip service to majority of the people.  It chose to give them the most important seat at the table.  It chose to groom a capable executive for leader of the free world.  In 4 years the GOP will not only have a new image, but a new reality.

Senator John McCain has chosen to break with the Washington consultant establishment, which is ruining the party in a profound way.  He deserves a great deal of credit.

Could it be, Sarah Palin 29 August, 2008

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Word is out that Senator McCain is making a bold choice of Governor Sarah Palin. If this is correct, today may indeed be the day the election was won. This is proof that God loves Republicans too. Way to go McCain. For More information on the next Vice President of the United States.

Should I gloat and point out that our VP has more executive experience than their entire ticket?  Making History is no longer the exclusive province of the Democrats this election.  It is not a choice of new versus old.  It is a choice about what kind of change you want. 

The reform wing of the GOP has risen into ascendancy.  Sarah Palin was the only governor that I can find to ask that the pork sent to her state from the Federal government be cut in half to help cut the federal deficit.  She places energy front and center better than anyone else.  Her husband works on the North Slope, no one can claim working class understanding better.  She is a hunter, a Christian, an anti-corruption crusader, and a mother of both a soldier and a handicapped child.  She is the GOP dream come true.

It’s Joe 23 August, 2008

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As you likely know, Delaware’s Senior Senator Joe Biden has been selected as Senator Barack Obama’s running mate. It is a great day for Delaware and adds 35 years of experience to the ticket. Senator Biden will be a great apologist as seen below. Congratulations to the Biden family.

There is another side to the matter. As Senator Biden said, it is not merely about experience, but experience being right. Going back to Ronald Reagan’s time to the Present; Senator Biden was wrong on the MX missile, the Nuclear freeze, the Surge in Iraq, The Nuclear Freeze movement, supporting freedom fighters, and his support for the global tax–um global poverty initiative.

He is has been part of the problem with the energy crisis by opposing nuclear power, opposing oil shale development, opposing drilling off shore, and supporting debilitating taxes which would prevent investment in developing other reserves.

He has been good on some issues. He authored the Equal Access Act in 1984, the National Megan’s law in 1996, the Violence Against Women’s Act in 1994, and he pushed a spending limitation amendment on federal spending in 1983. He was the first Democrat to support overriding President Clintion’s partial birth abortion veto. Notice that most of his initiatives in Domestic policy are from another century. In today’s world, he has tended to obstruct and criticize. He filibustered the Homeland Security Department’s formation even though he supported it because the unions wanted a better deal. He tried to force a partition on Iraq even though that sovereign nation didn’t want it.
Senator Biden is a mixed bag. I am not sure that he will do much more than help solidify the base. According to Rasmussen most Americans who know him think he is a liberal (41%) and 43% have a favorable view vs. 38% with an unfavorable view. Nationally of the names being floated he had more support than anyone but Senator Clinton and fewer negatives than she has.

I view the Biden pick as a reasonable one. His opposition to partial birth abortion and abortion funding may take a little of the edge off of Senator Obama with Catholics that lean Democratic. America could do a lot worse in terms of foreign policy experience and knowledge. Most importantly, it assures America that an Obama administration will have a mix of qualified people and won’t be a bunch of inexperienced ideologues. His first pick was one which showed reasonable judgement even though pundits will talk about what this does to his message of change. The truth is we need both change and stability. Senator Obama showed that he is not a prisoner to marketing, but thinking about governing.

With that said, by not picking someone who could give him a red state like Bayh or Kaine, he took a big chance. Saturday, August 23rd may be the day that Senator McCain won if he chooses wisely.

Even 10 dollars a gallon? 9 August, 2008

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Remember who your friends are when you vote. They don’t seem to be Democrats in the U. S. Senate.

If the Democrats believe we should pay $2 a quart for gas like some places in Europe, let them run on it. Let us have an honest choice. They want to hide behind the Speaker’s skirts and avoid an on the record vote. Even when we get one, they will script it out of the conference report. The only way to get real change is to cancel the Harry and Nancy soap opera. We need people in touch with the real world running Washington.

And Now for the Rest of The Story 7 August, 2008

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Remember when the adjournment of Congress passed by one vote and the vote on energy policy was left in limbo? Here is the behind the scenes story. Tell me it isn’t time for a change.

McCain and Obama a Dead heat–It’s energy policy–stupid. 5 August, 2008

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It’s Monday and time for the weekly Presidential update. Energy is the big issue in America. The bad news for Senator Obama is that more Americans now trust Senator McCain on the issue. The Obama people have gotten the message and the Senator has made a major address today on the issue. The race is a dead heat. For the first time since June 3, Rasmussen reports Senator McCain is in the lead among leaners, but it is statistically insignificant. Senator Obama’s dollar bill remark hurt his favorability ratings, they are down to 51% from a 54 to 57% range. The majority viewed the remark as racist, including a stunning 44% of African Americans, which seems rather strong. Racial would seem more accurate. It seems 44 years after legal segregation was ended, the subject of race is still a sensative issue in America.

Americans are skeptical of a windfall profits tax because they know it won’t produce more energy, just hurt stockholders (which are themselves). It has the support of 2/3’s of Democrats but is rejected by everyone else. Americans also don’t believe it is realistic to say that we will replace oil in the next 10 years. The all of the above approach has majority support. Drill, nuclear, wind, and new alternatives all have majority support.

The Republicans are now gaining momentum in the Senate races. The long shot that the Democrats will gain 8 or 9 senate seats seems off the table. 2 to 5 seems more likely now. Virginia and New Mexico look like good Democrat pick ups. Alaska isn’t looking great right now either for Republicans, but the primary later this month could change that dynamic. New Hampshire is closing to within a few points. If Sununu can keep hammering the energy issue, he could cheat the the Democratic trend in New Hampshire. Now that Governor Ventura has decided not to run Norm Coleman looks as if he may hold on to the Senate seat. The Republicans have pulled ahead in a Democrat seat in LA and are an outside shot in NJ, but the Democrats can concentrate their resources to hold those seats.