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Time to Move Forward 10 September, 2008

Posted by David Anderson in Uncategorized.

The primaries are over. It is time to move forward. Republicans in Delaware need to unite this election year. At stake is whether or not we have a two party state. We need to keep the Delaware House of Representatives and add to the state row offices. After 2010 is reapportionment. If we don’t start rebuilding now, we will have a serious problem. We also face the largest proposed expansion of government in the history of the state at a time when our finances are the second worst since the Depression. A Democrat house, senate, and governorship would be a blank check to big government.

I look forward to seeing the uniting of the party in the Senate races. I call upon Mr. Protack to suspend his active campaign because continuing it hinders the reforms he seeks rather than advances them. The Independent Party line is useless without fusion this year unless a candidate has substantial resources to remake the political map. Mr. Protack is not that candidate. It would be a long run negative for those of us who support fusion and for Mr. Protack’s political future to continue. I would have loved to see Mr. Protack on the ballot for New Castle County President right now, it was a bad choice not to purse that opportunity once the Democrats became divided. We all make mistakes. The wise person doesn’t compound them.

Congratulations to both the winners and losers. I have found that if you stay in the game, you can advance your objectives regardless of which side of the results you came out on. It is all about the community. Don’t give up.



1. Wolfgang von Baumgart, State Chairman, IPOD - 12 September, 2008

Does anybody out there want to buy some used Protack for Governor signs?

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